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Jewish control of Hollywood.

Every Jewish propaganda medium — CBS or MTV or Time magazine or the New York Times — is staffed from top to bottom with Jews, and they all know what they’re doing. They work as a tribe, as a swarm of termites gnawing at the foundations of our existence. There is total agreement among the media Jews as to the general thrust of their propaganda. They may disagree on many of the details — they may even compete against each other for a bigger slice of the media pie — but all agree on the general goals of degrading and subverting Gentile civilization, of corrupting Gentile institutions, of mongrelizing our race. Again, the Jews work as a tribe, and that is the source of their strength and their success.

When you have >2% of the population controlling what the MAJORITY sees on TV, film, and music, then what kind of biased representation is that? Jews aren't talented, they steal ideas all the time and pass it off as their own. They're a bunch of talentless hacks. The only difference is that they have the financial backing to promote THEIR own, as opposed to the TRUE talented people who are non-jews.

Jewish Entertainers
Actors, Actresses, Writers, Directors, Singers, etc...

Adler, Jerry - Actor - Herman "Hesh" Rabkin in "The Sopranos
Allen, Woody - Comedian, Actor, Director, and Producer (real name: Allan Konigsberg)
Abdul, Paula - Dancer, Performer, American Idol Judge
Bacall, Lauren - Actress
Barkin, Ellen - Actress
Barr, Roseanne - actress, comedian, writer, television producer, director and candidate for President of the United States with the Green Party of the United States
Beckham, David - Soccer Star, Movie Star, Jewish Grandfather, Lured to Los Angeles Soccer Team in 2007, Highest Sports Salary in History
Benatar, Pat - Famous Singer
Benny, Jack - Comedian, Jewish Name: Benjamin Kubelsky
Berfield, Justin Tyler - Actor, Writer, Producer, Star of Reese, Malcolm in the Middle
Berlin, Irving - Song Writer / Composer of White Christmas
Bialik, Mayim - Actress, The Big Bang Theory, Blossom
Bikel, Theodore - actor / Fiddler on the Roof
Bleeth, Yasmine - Actress -Father Jewish, Baywatch, One Life to Live, Max Factor model, Johnson & Johnson model
Bochner, Hart - Actor, Die Dard, Rich and Famous, Breaking Away, Apartment Zero
Bochner, Lloyd - Actor, Dallas, The Night Walker
Boxleitner, Bruce - Actor, Tron, Babylon 5, Gunsmoke, Gods and Generals
Brody, Adam - Actor - Played Jewish heart throb, Seth Cohen, on FOX TV Series "O.C."
Brooks, Albert - Actor, Comedian, Drive, etc.
Brooks, Mel - Actor, Director, Comedian, Writer
Bruce, Lenny - Comedian, Social Critic, Known for Cutting Edge Speech Landmark Trial
Bullock Sandra - Fantastic Actress. We Really Don't Know If She's Jewish. Everyone Keeps Asking. We Know She Is Hot.
Caan, Scott - Star of Hawaii Five-O
Cantor, Eddie - Vaudeville Singer, Dancer
Carteris, Gabrielle - Actress - Played Andrea Zuckerman on Beverly Hills, 90210
Cass Elliot, Singer, "Mamas and the Pappas", "Mama Cass"
Chandler, Jeff - Actor
Charlie Chaplin
Chomsky, Naom - an American philosopher
Cohan, Lauren - The Vampire Diaries, Supernatural, The Walking Dead
Cohen, Leonard -- Bohemian Song Writer
Cohen, Rachel - Lisa Simpson's fantasy Jewish Friend on The Simpsons Cartoon Show
Cohen, Seth - Popular fictional Jewish heart throb on FOX's O.C. TV Series
Crusty the Clown - The Simpsons - Jewish Name Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski The Simpsons - Jewish Name Herschel Shmoikel Pinchas Yerucham Krustofski
Crystal, Billy - Comedian, Actor, Hosted The Oscars Nine Times
Curly - (Jerome) Curly Howard (Horowitz) - One of the Stooges
Dangerfield, Rodney - Comedian, Actor, Real Name Jack Cohen
Davis, Jr. Sammy - Black Singer, Actor, and Dancer (died)
Diamond, Neil - Musician, Singer, Actor
Douglas, Kirk - Actor, Father of Michael Douglas, Academy Awards, Spartacus. Listed as One of the Top 20 Actors of All Time
Douglas, Michael - Actor, Son of Kirk Douglas, 2 Academy Awards for Best Actor and Best Picture
Dreyfuss, Richard - Actor, Richard Dreyfus, Jaws, Close Encounters
Duchovny, David - Co-Star of the Hit Show The X-Files, Top Star in Californication
Dukakis, Kitty - Wife of Presidential Candidate, First Lady, Speaker
Duritz, Adam - lead singer/songwriter for Counting Crows
Dylan, Bob - Musician, Singer, Actor
Edelstein, Lisa, Major Actress on House TV Series, role of Dr. Lisa Cuddy
Efron, Zac - Actor, High School Musical, Hairspray
Eisen, Rich - NFL Network, TNT Reality Show
Eisner, Michael - CEO of Walt Disney (1984-2005)
Fierstein, Harvey - Actor, Producer, Director, Playwright
Larry Fine (Lewis Feinberg) - Larry - The Three Stooges
Finkel, Fyvush - Starred as Harvey Lipschultz on Boston Public and Douglas Wambaugh on Picket Fences TV Series.
Fisher, Carrie - Princess Leia in Star Wars, Actress, Author
Ford, Harrison - Raiders of the Lost Ark, Witness, Force Ten from Navarone, Star Wars, and Blade Runner
Foster, Ben - Pandorum, The Last Stand, The Mechanic
Freed, Alan - Rock n Roll innovator, disk jockey, Cleveland and New York (WABC)
Garfunkel, Art - Musician, Scarborough Fair
Geffen David - DreamWorks, Owns Geffen Records (Israeli)
Geller, Ross - Fictional Character on Friends played by David Schwimmer
Geller, Uri - Psychic, spoon bender, performer, entertainer, author.
Gershwin George - composer (Rhapsody in Blue)
Gold, Ari - Fictional Jewish Hollywood character on Entourage played by Jeremy Piven
Gould, Alexander - Shane in Showtime's Weeds, Voice of Nemo in Pixar's Finding Nemo, Voice of Bambi in Disney's Bambi II
Graden, Brian - TV Executive for MTV, VH1, CMT and LOGO gay network
Grey, Joel - Broadway Actor (Emcee, Cabaret)
Gyllenhaal, Jake - Actor, Prince of Persia, Donnie Darko, The Day After Tomorrow, Brokeback Mountain
Hamlish, Marvin - Composer
Hartley, Nina - Porn, Actress, Director, Sex Educator, Feminist
Heald, Anthony - Actor, TV, film, Broadway
Herman, Pee-wee - aka Paul Reubens, comedian
Hoffman, Dustin - Actor Who Is Definitely One of America's Best Jewish Actors
Howard, Curly - One of The Three Stooges
Howard, Moe - One of The Three Stooges
Hill, Steven - Actor, Plays role of Adam Schiff the DA on "Law and Order"
Hirsch, Steve - Founder / President Vivid Entertainment, America's #1 Porno Industry Giant
Jeremy, Ron - Actor, World's Most Famous Porn Star, Comedian, Advertising
Jolson, Al - Singer, Actor
Joel, Billy - Pianist, Singer, Performer, Nightclubs, Pop Albums
Klugman, Jack - Actor, Quincy M.E., The Odd Couple
Krusty the Clown - The Simpsons - Jewish Name Herschel
Kunis, Mila - Actress, That 70's Show, Book of Eli, Max Payne, Black Swan, Friends With Benefits
Kutcher, Ashton - Student of Judaism and Kabbalah
Lambert, Adam - American Idol, Singer, gay and lesbian advocate
MacGraw, Ali - Jewish Actress, Love Story, The Getaway
Mandel, Howie - Comedian, TV Host, America's Got Talent, Deal or No Deal, Dr. Wayne Fiscus on St. Elsewhere
Manheim, Camryn - Plays Ellenor Frutt on The Practice
Marley, Bob - Singer, Performer
Mesh, Adam - Star of Average Joe, 50 million TV viewers, about trading stocks.
Monroe, Marilyn, Official Certificate of Her Conversion to Judaism, Dated July 1, 1956, Archived on This Page
Morrow, Rob - Joel Fleischman M.D., Star of Northern Exposure
Neuwirth, Bebe - Actress - Played Lilith Sternin - Fictional Jewish Character on Cheers and Fraser
Newman, Paul - Actor
Sarah Parker - Actress, Sex and the City
Phoenix, River - Actor, died of drug overdose, brother of Joaquin Phoenix
Phoenix, Joaquin - Actor, Gladiator, Walk the Line, also brother of River Phoenix
Piven, Jeremy - Actor, Ari Gold, a Jewish Hollywood Executive in Entourage TV Series
Presley, Elvis - One of the most Spectacular Singers and Actors ever, Jewish Mother and Grandmother
-Dundy writes in her book, "... Nancy Burdine was married to Abner Tacket. Nancy was of particular interest to Gladys for her Jewish heritage, often remembering Nancy's sons for their Jewish names Sidney and Jerome. Nancy and Abner had a daughter, Martha (Tacket), who married White Mansell. The daughter which they named Octavia nicknamed Doll who was Elvis' maternal grandmother."
-After Elvis' mother, Gladys, died, the King designed her tombstone with a Star of David on it to honor her Jewish ancestry, which was something Gladys was proud of.
Radcliffe, Daniel - Actor, Harry Potter Star
Radner, Gilda - Comedienne , Saturday Night Live
Randall, Tony - Actor, The Odd Couple
Raymonde, Tania - Actress, Lost, Malcolm in the Middle, The Nightmare Room, etc.
Reubens, Paul - Played Pee-wee Herman, Actor, Writer, Comedian, Singer
Rivers, Joan - Comedian, Writer, Jeweler, Actress
Roth, David Lee - Van Halen, Howard Stern's Jewish Replacement
Sagal, Katey - Jewish Actress, Peggy Bundy on Married with Children, Gemma Teller Morrow who is the Matriarch on Sons of Anarchy
Saget, Bob - Potty Humorist from New York
Samberg, Andy - Actor, Rapper, Singer, Filmer, Soft Raw Humor
Sandler, Adam - Seinfeld, Saturday Night Live, Movies, Songs
Schiff, Adam - DA on "Law and Order" played by Jewish Actor Hill, Steven
Schlessinger, Dr. Laura - Radio Therapist
Schwimmer, David - Actor, Played Ross Geller on Friends TV Show
Seinfeld, Jerry - The Seinfeld Show
Shatner William - Actor (Star Trek's Captain 'James T. Kirk')
Simmons, Gene - Lead Bass Performer for Kiss Heavy Metal Band
Silverman Sarah - Comedienne, specializing in obscenity and sacrilege.
Simon, Carly - Folk Singer
Slate, Jenny - Comedienne, Marcel, Saturday Night Live
Springer, Jerry - Host of The Jerry Springer Show, Misanthropic Entertainment Genius
Stern, Howard - Radio Commentator, controversial host, judge on America's Got Talent
Sternin, Lilith - Fictional Jewish Character on Cheers and Fraser played by Bebe Neuwirth
Stewart, Jon - Hilarious Jew, The Daily Show newscasts
Stiller, Jerry - Jewish Actor, Mr. Costanza and Ben's dad, Seinfeld Show
Streisand, Barbara (Barbra) - Singer, Actress, Songwriter, Author
Taylor, Elizabeth - Jewish Actress, Cleopatra, Who's Afraid of Virginia Woolf?
Weinberg, Matthew - O'Keefs TV Series, X-Men, others.
Whitford, Bradley - Played Josh Lyman Presidential Political Advisor on "West Wing"
Winkler Henry - Actor ('The Fonze' on 'Happy Days')
Avital, Mili - Israeli actress, U.S. debut: Stargate
Becker, Sandy - late children's TV show host
Benezra, Sonia - Quebecer Talk Show host
Berri, Claude - French film director
Bonet, Lisa - Ex-Wife of Lenny Kravitz
Walter, Bruno - German conductor and student of Gustav Mahler. Had to change his name.
Cherry, Ruben (A man who raised Elvis in public)
Dell'Abate, Gary - Howard Stern's Producer (Baba Booey!)
Denberg Lori Beth - Actress
Deutscher Isaac - Author - Biography of "Stalin"
Drescher Fran - Actress "The Nanny"
Eisen, Rich-- ESPN, Sports Announcer
Escher, M.
C. - Artist, Explorer of the Infinite
Fagen Donald - Steely Dan - Singer - Composer
Fat Mike - Singer, guitarist and songwriter for NOFX
Feuer, Aaron Neal - Wrestler, Talmud Scholar, Debate Champ
Fierstein, Harvey - Actor, Writer
Fisher Carrie - Actress: Star Wars' Princess Leia
Frankel, Mark - Actor
Freed, Alan (first radio star in 50´s to play Rock n' Roll) Freedman, Jacob -- WBZC's Sunday Morning Klezmer DJ
Friedman Debbie - songwriter and singer
Geller, Sarah
Michelle - Actress (Buffy the Vampire Slayer TV)
Geller, Uri - Magician who Bends Spoons & Levitates Objects Gere Richard - Actor
Gifford Cathy Lee Epstein - Talk Show Hostess Goldblum Jeff - Actor
Goldwyn Samuel - Director, Executive at Metro-Goldwyn-Mayer
Gordon, Tony (Manager UK Punk Band Sham 69)
Gordon, Nina - Musician, Veruca Salt
Gorme, Eydie - Singer, Actress, Wife of Steve Lawrence
Gould Elliot - Actor from Bay Parkway Brooklyn
Greaseman The - Doug Tracht - Nationally known radio shock jock
Green Brian Austin - Actor
Alan Greenspan - Federal Reserve Chairman, His wife, Andrea Mitchell, Is a Jewish NBC NEWS Reporter. Greenspan is also Talented as an Entertainer and Concert Violinist.

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