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Jews and their strident promotion of multiculturalism throughout Europe and America.

Jews have in many ways brought much of this hostility upon themselves by their strident promotion of multiculturalism throughout Europe and America.

It is impossible to deny that leading Jewish intellectuals and ‘radicals’ have been in the forefront promoting this sort of thing throughout the West for decades. Majority of Jews, living in Europe and America have embraced Communism or Cultural-Marxism as their foundational worldview.

Multiculturalism, as a foundational tenet or extension of Cultural-Marxism, has been strongly promoted by modern Jews because they see it as something that will protect them from the hostility of WASPs (white, anglo, Saxon-Protestants) whom they view as their greatest threat.

In other words, the more the West is filled with non-whites, it’s reasoned, the less likely will Jews become the target of white hatred or discrimination. Thus, many Jews – some perhaps unknowingly – have worked tirelessly to promote liberal immigration policies and to fill Europe and America with as much ‘diversity’ as possible.

A large percentage of Jews, then, have promoted destructive policies for Europe and America which they would never promote for Israel because they rightly recognize that if Israel were to become as ‘multicultural’ as the West, Jews would lose their unique racial and cultural identity! In other words, ‘multiculturalism’ for thee, but not for me. The hubris and blatant hypocrisy on the part of many Jews is astonishing.

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