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The first Anti-Fascist Congress of Antimaidan/Novorossiya Council in Moscow.

The first Antifa Congress of Antimaidan/Novorossiya Council in Moscow.

Moscow hosted the "The Anti-Fascist Congress of Antimaidan Council", whose members denounced fascism as an ideology, adopted a resolution, which talks about cooperation with the state structures of the Russian Federation, as well as announced a struggle against the "world's backstage" and "fifth column." In this struggle, the anti-fascists call to rally around Vladimir Putin. The core of "Antimaydan Council" consists of prominent activists of the separatist movement in the East of Ukraine, as well as members of the Communist Party and VIPs from of all sorts of "veteran" organizations.

The "World's backstage" rages in dreams of finishing Russia off and consuming our mineral and other resources. Well, in the "fifth column" they found a partner, whom they are willing to pay and already pay for services to overthrow President and break apart the Russian Federation", - says the resolution of the "Anti-Fascist Congress" that gathered in Moscow on Thursday.

"The only chance to protect ourselves, our families, our home, our homeland from collapse and civil war - is the consolidation of all public civil patriotic forces around our Motherland and the popularly elected President Vladimir Putin. To support with real actions ... to ensure the country's political stability and prevent the Maidan technologies - separatism, Nazism, fascism ... we create a permanent system of specific "People's commissions of Anti-maidan" of support from citizens and social structures of the constitutional order, "- says the adopted document.

It is reported that 300 NGOs united in the fight against world's backstage and the "so-called civil society of human rights activists and liberal grant-eaters". That's an average of at least four organizations per each of the delegates who gathered on November 20 in a small cinema of the Museum of the Great Patriotic War [WW2] on Poklonnaya Hill,

The reason for the convening of the "Anti-Fascist Congress" were the events in Ukraine. The meeting was attended by Denis Pushilin - former Chairman of the Presidium of the "Supreme Council of the Donetsk People's Republic", now deputy chairman of the National Council of the self-proclaimed DPR, and several other delegates from the separatist southeast of Ukraine.

Pushilin and field commander Vladimir Novikov were handed an unofficial "Order or Margelov." Vasily Margelov - the founder of the Soviet airborne troops.

"Fascism - is a terrible thing, I'll tell you - told the audience Viktor Popov, veteran of Spetsnaz "Vympel". - But we have a short memory [...] we have forgotten that people were burned in furnaces, that people were shot by the hundreds of thousands, killing them based on exactly the racial traits - the very thing we are seeing now in Ukraine [:] and that tomorrow will come, maybe, to our home."

With the internal enemy the current government, according to anti-fascists, are fighting too hesitantly.

"Fascist forces on the territory of the Russian Federation are amplified, strengthened, they see their impunity, permissiveness, and by all means it's necessary to take measures at the legislative level to stop their activities to just kick them out of here" - urged Margaret Seidhler, who was together with the group of Igor Girkin-Strelkov in Slavyansk.

Core areas of "Antimaydan Council" will be the work to coordinate with law enforcement agencies, ideological education and informational-coordination of structures and resources of the Council, the socio-political interaction.

Sources - mk.ru, bbc.co.uk

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