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The rising threat of Anti-White Russia. Putin is a part of zionist NWO.

Putin’s Jewish View Of Whites.

“I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization; their cultural values, false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – did not pay off. Everything goes to the beginning of the anti-white pogroms on a planetary scale.

Russia saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression and suppression of all others, MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of white civilization, from which it is necessary to get rid of.

So I am for reds, yellows, greens, blacks – but not for whites. I wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.”

~Aleksandr Gelyevich Dugin, advisor to Vladimir Putin on the Eurasian Alliance (BRIC Nations) against the West.

Putin is himself mixed-race due to Jewish ancestry on his mother’s side of the family.

It is self-evident from our experience as political observers that contamination with Jewish blood, whether the effect is biological or psychological, whether it is contained within self-identity or DNA, leads to dangerous results for non-Jews. one only has to look at Vladimir Lenin, David Cameron and Angela Merkel as three prime examples.

Vladimir Putin identifies himself with the orthodox-Christianity but shares with Dugin the anti-white sentiments of non-whites and funds the building of synagogues and mosques. Both men, because of their Judaophilia are essentially dishonest, as Jews and those who bend to the Jewish narrative essentially are, because the Jewish narrative is essentially a lie.

Both Putin and Dugin accept the Jewish narrative that it was not the Jews who were instrumental in using indebted white monarchs to seize the slave trade from the Arabs and were not the main slave dealers, slaveholders and owners of the slave ships and plantations but whites. Both accept the Hollywood version of American history as the true gospel of that history. Both he and Dugin assert that it is the oppressed Anglo-Saxons of Britain (and not the London Square mile-based richest Jewish family in the world, the bankster House of Rothschild who are behind and who own and control Western power) who are responsible for the abuse of that power and not the Jews.

Dugin’s outrageous accusation of pogroms by the whites is in complete contradiction to the history of Russia itself where by the end of Jewish Bolshevism in the 1950s estimates say that the Jews and or Jewish Bolshevism had killed one hundred million white Russian and Slav Christians. How many people were killed by the last two world wars both started by the Jews I will leave others to calculate.

As to pogroms of Jews by the Tsars or the authorities of the eastern nations these were invariably in response to Jewish criminality in their regions and a way of collectively punishing the Jews for what could either not be proved or was unacceptable behaviour and attitudes right across their entire community. If the whites were as bad as Putin and Dugin assert they would have done the world and future generations a favour and simply wiped out the Jews in their regions.


As the Jews collapse Western civilization into a third world hell, raped and deprived of it’s essential racial values, morality and ethics, with it’s economies and finances robbed and raped by the Jewish banksters, it’s major corporations and businesses all in their hands, it’s laws and traditions usurped and corrupted, with millions of non-whites imported to genocide the indigenous people, and those battalions deliberately incited with hatred for whites, a new threat is on the horizon, also inevitably created by the Jews in the ongoing dialectic that is the modern post-Soviet, and it is the rise of anti-whiteRussia.


He is pro-Holocaust. He speaks fluent German, his children went to a German private school, he was an intelligence operative in Germany and probably knows Merkel and Gauck personally from that time, since both were SED people and now in charge of the hostage republic in Germany.

If Putin wanted to fill in the blanks in Russia…he could reinvite German settlers, he could resettle the Russian minorities in the Baltics, Moldavia, Khazachstan etc to Russia proper instead of invited Turcics. Most Russians in these areas live there because of the Bolshevik Empire.

Putin constantly glorifies the Soviet Union and repeats the same WW2 lies, even though he has access to the German and Soviet archives.

Putin could decree that East-Prussia and Germany’s land administered by Poland be handed over to Berlin again. Putin could sign a unilateral or bilateral peace treaty with Germany.
Putin is good for the Russians maybe, but even in that respect he is not perfect with his Turcophilia.

Estonians speak a language similar to Finish. Latvian and Lithuanian speak Baltic languages, another distinct language group in Europe.

Racially, Baltics are Sumi like the Fins or Swedish and not Slavic. At least, that is what an Estonian told me.

So, for Germans to get a chunk out of Russia, what is so bad about it? Russia is half of Europe and half of Asia with today 140 million people while Germany today has 90 million (with Austria 100) in a tiny place for so many people. Germans settled in Russia already, especially along the Volga and Crimea.

Hitler didn’t want to exterminate non-Germans in these lands, but establish a Greater Austrianesque Empire with Germans in charge.

Endzogs view was:
“In relation to the ongoing hysteria of Putin worship in The Stormer it is our view that we must focus on the task of ensuring that our white media is beamed on re-establishing the white race, cleansing our lands and restoring our blood and honour and the natural state given us by God and nature as the leading race on this planet and not diverted into supporting outsiders, howsoever noble to their own causes, when their success will inevitably threaten us.

No doubt Putin has rattled the Western system and weakened it but to conclude that has weakened the Jews transnationally is an illusion.

We have never seen any evidence, and we would call on anyone who holds any evidence to the contrary that Putin is sympathetic to Nationalism let alone antisemitism or national socialism outside Russia.

As to Syria and Iran who Stormer maintain Putin has bravely supported, Putin famously sold out nationalist Libya, an ally, to the Jews. Also Russia is importing large numbers of Han Chinese as well as Turks of all people to boost their population. Imagine if Germany tried to throw the Turks out what would then happen as Putin moved to ‘protect the Turkish minority’ in Germany? And the Black Sea borders Turkey; a transit route for Russian tanks to Berlin!

If actions speak louder than words in judging Putin as The Stormer says, then why is the state broadcaster of Russia daily pouring out anti-fascist and anti-nazi propaganda against Europe and the USA? Why is RT Russia Today constantly promoting white guilt and talking in Jewish tones of disgust about ‘neo-nazis’ in Europe? And why did Putin himself blame whites in America for a “history of racism against black people.” And why has Putin never called out the Jew, why?

Endzog believes that Stormer is defending the indefensible. Putin we believe, is a deadly enemy of the European white race and could invade us just as the Jew-K and Jew-SA etc invaded Germany. Stormer has not provided one shred of evidence for it’s assertion that Putin is playing a double game and secretly supporting our wish to kick the Jews and non-whites out of our nations.

In fact from what Putin says it sounds quite the opposite.

Endzog believes that the Stormer is dangerously inciting liberal-nationalist, anti-nazi, pro multicult reactionary forces within the white nationalist diapora and leading the white tribe off-balance and course. What appeared to have been a second error on his part in over-valuing Putin (the first being his total rejection of  any notion of a Jewish conspiracy from which he refused the back down) his stance is now beginning to look more like a liberal conversion than a mistake.

With Anglin’s continuing to perpetuate the falsehood that Putin is our greatest ally and not our greatest threat outside our borders, it seems to be becoming increasingly apparent that The Daily Stormer is the new Alex Jones of the white nationalist movemement.

Putin is in our opinion a growing mortal enemy at a time when our people are beginning to rise up against the Jews. All the positive traits that Stormers team observes in Putin will be a gun at our heads in the future as he moves to protect the Jews in our lands with the nest of Jew vipers having simply moved from London and Washington to Moscow as we advance.

Putin hates white nationalists, antisemites and national socialists in the West as much as he hates the current Anglo-American Jew-controlled alliance. And he does not hate it because it is Jewish, for as Dugin clearly defines the Russian position it is ‘Anglo Saxon’ not Jewish.

Endzogs position is that The Stormer needs to understand as the leading thinker on white nationalism and the world’s foremost interpreter of the Third Reich and national Socialism Carolyn Yaeger so clearly does that our logical answer as a dying white race is in promoting national socialism not Putinism. Our vehicle is national socialism.

As long as we are the wheel of our OWN vehicle we are moving in the right direction, running after a mythical prince and endowing him with myth and legend is not the way to lead the tribes, especially when he is essentially even by his own admission our enemy.

My enemy’s enemy is NOT my friend!

“Putin is thus the most deleterious actor in geopolitics right now. He has given false hope to nationalists throughout Europe by setting himself up as their false messiah. His recent address to the Russian parliament was lauded by some as being traditionalist in nature, but this is not at all accurate.

What he did say about traditional values was vague and general enough that one can read into it what they like. The speech concretely endorsed such modernist premises as human rights, multiculturalism, and EU-style immigration.

The civic nationalism espoused is rooted in Jacobinism, and is not a cure for what ails us, but is just more of the same sickness.

It could be argued that he is playing his cards close to the chest, and that at some point in the future he will come out against the existential calamity of white racial replacement and extinction, but shit in one hand and wish in the other, and see which one fills up quickest.”

Source: https://endzog.wordpress.com/2014/03/26/the-rising-threat-of-anti-white-russia/

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