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In the Kremlin’s pocket. PEGIDA is a jewish-controlled opposition in Germany.

PEGIDA is a scam like the Front National and a very successful one because it brainwashes the people with Holohoax guilt, supports the Jews and their lying narrative of history and
engenders hate for national socialism. Muslims are not the problem they are the symptom. The problem is the Jews. If you don’t solve the Jewish problem you can’t solve the Muslim problem because Germany is under Jewish occupation and Jews control immigration.

Zionist Rotem Ahituv standing on an improvised stage and wrapped in the black, red and gold German occupation flag, stared out at thousands of protesters spread below him and offered the guilty demonstrators a kind of absolution that only someone like him could give.

“I am Jewish,” he told the crowd. “My family has lived here in Germany for 700 years, and I can tell you that I see here no Nazis.”

In a short and passionate speech that quickly went viral on the Internet among Germans tortured by the brainwashing since birth that they drowned six million Jews in buckets or gassed them in invisible gas chambers none of which were ever described in any document or ever found, Ahituv, an Israeli immigrant to Germany, spoke about the threat of a Muslim takeover of Europe and declared that Germany’s Jews stand with Pegida, the populist right-wing movement that had organized the January 26 demonstration in Frankfurt.

But of course the Jew plays both sides and the middle, Josef Schuster, chairman of the Central Council of Jews in Germany, has condemned Pegida as an “immensely dangerous” movement that consists of neo-Nazis, parties from the far right and citizens who think that they can finally let out their racism and xenophobia.” Simply untrue because ‘Neo-Nazis’ are NO feature of Pegida and are not welcome to come anywhere near their demonstrations, demonstrations which like the EDL achieve nothing but to let off stream and target the wrong enemy, support the real enemy, and change nothing.

Lutz Bachmann the leader of PEGIDA said:
"Germany is not a land of immigration. Integration does not mean living side by side, it means living together under JEWISH-christian merits of our constitution and our German culture with its christian-JEWISH roots determined by christianity, humanism and enlightenment.

You should not forget that Kremlin is the main center of Zionism in Europe and of course Kremlin is behind PEGIDA.

Putin worked as a KGB officer in Dresden during the 1980s. Experts, like the Dresden political scientist Christian Demuth, haven't ruled out the fact that many people at the PEGIDA demonstrations had specific roles in the East German regime, in the Stasi or the Socialist Unity Party (SED).

The Dresden anti-Islam demonstrations have included slogans decrying Chancellor Merkel’s sharp attitude countering the aggressive machinations of Russian president Vladimir Putin in Ukraine and other former Communist countries, now independent.

Thousands of demonstrators, who mostly refused to talk to the “lying press,” listened to fiery speeches railing against the country’s political class. Among the German flags present, I also spotted a few Russian ones, including a banner that was split diagonally, one half Russia’s tricolor, the other half Germany’s. A reporter and cameraman from the Gazprom-owned NTV channel were greeted with welcoming calls of “Vladimir! Vladimir!”

Based on a serious evidence, it would have been easy enough to weave together a theory that the Kremlin is behind the demonstrations that were initiated by a secretive organizing committee in October and swelled to a record 25,000 participants on Monday. After all, President Vladimir Putin served as a KGB agent in what was then an East German city in the 1980s (suspicious!) and one of PEGIDA’s key demands is an end to Germany’s “war-mongering” against Russia (bingo!).

While the Pegida movement is still small, ominous pro-Russian cries of “Putin, hilf uns!” (Putin, help us!) at the rally demonstrate how easily Kremlin can manipulate populist European “dissent” parties and create a more fractured Europe. Come on—it’s not like he hasn’t done this before.

This past spring, former NPD chairman Udo Voigt traveled to St. Petersburg to participate in a meeting of European right-wing radicals. He praised Putin's policies and spoke out against the Western sanctions. Experts estimate that roughly one-fifth of PEGIDA demonstrators come from the Kremlin-controlled NPD.

PEGIDA-founder Lutz Bachmann also met with the members of the Night Wolves, a motorcycle gang with close ties to the Kremlin.

He accompanied the bikers to a wreath-laying in a Russian soldiers' cemetery in the northwestern Saxon town of Torgau. Posing behind a PEGIDA banner, he and the group had their picture taken.

More than anybody, Putin has a high regard among PEGIDA followers. Bachmann has worn a T-shirt bearing Putin's portrait to a demonstration, and it's common to hear calls like "Ship Merkel off to Siberia and Putin to Berlin" or "Help us, Putin."

The purpose of the Kremlin-controlled organizations like French Front National or German PEGIDA and NPD is to help Kremlin regain it’s former power in Europe. For that purpose Putin needs weak and divided European structures and these puppet organizations will help to achieve that goal.

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