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Bryanka “USSR” Batallion. Horrific crimes of pro-Russia separatists in Ukraine.

This story will make your blood run cold.

Two deputy commanders of a battalion in the Luhansk People’s Republic were arrested for wreaking havoc “within their territory,” and are accused of abusing peaceful civilians, taking fighters from other units as prisoners, killing their supposed brothers-in-arms who did not condone their lawlessness, or simply to loot their belongings. One fighter miraculously survived after he was shot in the head by commanders, another was shot four times and then buried alive but managed to climb out of his grave.

Marina shows me a message from her former commander via Skype. The girl is in a panic: the commander is threatening to “obliterate” her together with her husband Evgeny and their little boy. Marina is now in Russia, but even though she is away from LNR, she is rightfully afraid.  According to her, the battalion commander  is a certifiable maniac, and he has many Russian subordinates who can go anywhere in Russia to find her. There is plenty for which he could seek revenge. The fighters who escaped are prepared to tell the whole truth about the armed unit that controlled the entire city in the LNR, murdering and burying anyone who they found undesirable.

Our battalion is called “Bryanka USSR” and it’s located in the city of Bryanka. The battalion has about 400 people. My husband Zhenya (call sign “Arbat”) was the deputy battalion commander for logistics. People came to him for everything. From businessmen to deputies and the mayor; whoever wanted to get anything done in the city came to see him.

I’m just Arbat’s [Zhenya’s] wife,[Zhenya’s]n so easily go in the cellar, what can I say about the commanders.

— How many prisoners are there on the base?
— From one to 30 or 50.
— What did they do with them?
— Most of them are killed, slaughtered, raped like girls, abused, shot, tortured.  If someone pays money for them, like their parents or relatives, they’re released unharmed. They just get a beating on the back with a shovel.
— Men raped other men? Can this really attract someone?
— How can I explain this to you? The battalion accepted anyone, many were mentally unstable.
— What sorts of torture?
— Well, for example, let’s see what happens if we cut off your penis.
— Did they actually cut off penises?
— They really sawed people up with a power saw.
— All 400 battalion fighters were like this?
— There were many normal guys too. But you couldn’t just leave the base. You could only go “through Odesa” as they say, meaning, you wouldn’t come out alive.

P.S. The Ministry of Internal Affairs for the Luhansk People’s Republic confirmed that a special operation is ongoing and a criminal investigation is under way in connection with the armed  group “Bryanka USSR.”  However the head of investigations declined to comment.  Meanwhile URA.Ru has been able to establish independently that two deputy commanders have been arrested – “Krym” and Senya “Vostok.” But the Battalion Commander, Dmitry “Lyuty” Pendyurin remains at large.

Source: http://euromaidanpress.com/2015/08/05/raped-tortured-buried-alive-horrific-crimes-of-pro-russia-militia-in-ukraine

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