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German NPD is another trojan Horse working for Israel and the Kremlin.

Fake German nazis. Zionist and Kremlin takeover of German NPD.

The National Democratic Party of Germany has continued with its political makeover, completing a highly successful conference so far removed from its previous NS image. Party made radical change and now the German NPD is presenting itself as a friendly centrist party, one, which wants to be elected and seeks to draw votes from all camps, including the left. Rhetorically, the party can hardly be distinguished from the CDU [Christian Democratic Union] and the AfD [Alternative for Germany].

Frank Franz: “We are not racist, and we do not hate refuges per se. In fact, we stand for humanist values. We want to take Germany out of NATO and start proper relations with Russia.”

Npd Leader Says ‘neo-nazism is Not Our Business;’ Disavows Anti-israel Views.

The head of the right-wing National Democratic Party which has been called neo-Nazi in the past, said at a press conference here today that “neo-Nazism is not our business. We have nothing to do with it.” Adolf Von Thadden, the party chairman also, in effect, disavowed the anti-Israel views which his party was said to hold. He was asked by the Jewish Telegraphic Agency correspondent, in light of his criticism of Soviet policy, whether the NPD did not indeed share Soviet policy on the Middle East. Mr. Von Thadden replied: “You are mixing up the Deutsche National Zeitung with us. We are not of the same opinion as the Soldatenzeitung.” His reference was to the Deutsche National und Soldaten Zeitung, an extreme nationalist newspaper that has espoused Nazi philosophy and attacked Israel on many occasions.


The Kremlin is also suspected of being behind a Russian-sponsored “peace summit” designed to explain Moscow’s current stance in Ukraine. The summit was held at a luxury hotel in Berlin last weekend, and attended by two members of the “neo-Nazi” NPD, Mr Gauland and the veteran SPD German detente politician Egon Bahr, in a gesture that embarrassed the SPD leadership.

In his state of the nation address, Putin implicitly compared the west to Hitler, and said it was plotting Russia’s dismemberment and collapse. In March Putin defended his land-grab in Crimea by arguing he was rescuing the peninsula from Ukrainian “fascists”. A few weeks later a motley group of radical rightwing European populists turned up in Crimea to watch its hastily arranged “referendum”.

In the Kremlin’s pocket.

The Kremlin has also discovered that the western political system is weak, permeable and susceptible to foreign cash. Putin has always believed that European politicians, like Russian ones, can be bought if the money is right. According to US diplomatic cables leaked in 2010, Silvio Berlusconi has benefited “personally and handsomely” from energy deals with Russia; the former German chancellor Gerhard Schröder, Putin’s greatest European ally, sits on the board of the Nord Steam Russian-German gas pipeline.

Since at least 2009 Russia has actively cultivated links with the far right in eastern Europe. It has established ties with Hungary’s Jobbik, Slovakia’s far-right People’s party and Bulgaria’s nationalist, anti-EU Attack movement. Here, political elites have become increasingly sympathetic to pro-Putin views.

According to Political Capital, a Budapest-based research institute which first observed this trend, the Kremlin has recently been wooing the far-right in western Europe as well. In a report in March it argued that Russian influence in the affairs of the far right is now a “phenomenon seen all over Europe”. Moscow’s goal is to promote its economic and political interests – and in particular to ensure the EU remains heavily dependent on Russian gas.

In EU parliament, it's not only Le Pen and members of the National Front who have advocated Putin. Leader of the British right-wing UK Independence Party, Nigel Farage, and MPs of the "Alternative for Germany" party have also made Russia-friendly comments.

Far-right and rightwing British politicians, meanwhile, have also expressed their admiration for Russia’s ex-KGB president. In March Nigel Farage named Putin as the world leader he most admires, and praised the “brilliant” way “he handled the whole Syria thing”. In 2011 the BNP’s Nick Griffin went to Moscow to observe Russia’s Duma election. Afterwards he announced that “Russian elections are much fairer than Britain’s”. Last week Griffin tweeted praise for Russia Today, the Kremlin’s English-language TV propaganda news channel: “RT – For People Who Want the Truth”.

In Soviet times the KGB used “active measures” to sponsor front organisations in the west including pro-Moscow communist parties. The Kremlin didn’t invent Europe’s far-right parties. But in an analogous way Moscow is now lending them support, political and financial, thereby boosting European neo-fascism.

In part this kinship is about ideology or, as Political Capital puts it, “post-communist neo-conservatism”. The European far right and the Kremlin are united by their hostility to the EU. Since becoming president for the third time in 2012, Putin has been busy promoting his vision for a rival Eurasian Union. This is an alternative political bloc meant to encompass now-independent Soviet republics, with Moscow rather than Brussels as the dominant pole.

Foreign radical leftist repetition and dissemination of official Russian government views about Ukraine coincided in 2014 with the formation of a pro Russian anti-EU, extreme right/far left alliance in the European Parliament. Both groups consider Putin Ukraine’s savior from “western imperialism.” The pro Kremlin EU extreme leftists allied with the EU extreme rightists offer no explanation of why pro capitalist EU fascists and neo nazis are worthy allies while pro capitalist Ukrainian fascists and neo Nazis are not. Besides bone fide fascists, except those of the Ukrainian variety, pro Kremlin radical leftists are also in bed with another of the Kremlin’s allies, fundamentalist Christian Evangelicals.

James Clapper, the US Director of National Intelligence, has been instructed by the US Congress to conduct a major review into Russian clandestine funding of European parties over the last decade.

The US move came as senior British government officials told The Telegraph of growing fears that “a new cold war” was now unfolding in Europe, with Russian meddling taking on a breadth, range and depth far greater than previously thought.

“It really is a new Cold War out there,” the source said, “Right across the EU we are seeing alarming evidence of Russian efforts to unpick the fabric of European unity on a whole range of vital strategic issues.”

The US intelligence review will examine whether Russian security services are funding parties and charities with the intent of “undermining political cohesion”, fostering agitation against the Nato missile defence programme and undermining attempts to find alternatives to Russian energy.

Just look at NDP members on G+, they share video with marching Russian army, during "victory day" celebration with a red communist flags and this video presents them as a future liberators of Europe. https://plus.google.com/112280786677780577489/posts/XjnkBATx3E7

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