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How do we go about restoring our manhood by Dr. William Pierce.

So what has happened to us? Have we been softened up by too much Christianity, too much turn-the-other-cheek preaching? Well, I don't think so. At least, I don't think that is the primary cause of our present malady. Certainly Christians are in the forefront of the wimp brigades these days, but the country as a whole is less Christian now than it was a century ago. A higher percentage of our ancestors were convinced Christians than in the general White population today, but not even the worst of the Bible-thumpers among the pioneers who settled this country had let themselves be emasculated by their religion. Though they may have carried a Bible in one hand as they headed west and claimed the land for themselves and their posterity, they carried a rifle in the other hand. They were self-respecting Christians.

Has it been too much easy living, too much luxury and comfort, that has made cowards of most of us and has turned some of us into partisans of our enemies? Well, I think that's a part of the answer, but certainly not the whole answer.

Jewish-controlled media were used to make White Americans with traditional ideas about race and sexuality seem ridiculous, to seem ignorant and small-minded. And they were genuinely poisonous to the easily manipulated lemmings who made up the vast majority of the viewers. They staffed the media at every level and pumped their poison into virtually every living room in America. Behind every media campaign of lies and deceit, behind every piece of poisonous propaganda, behind every piece of subversive filth being poured into American living rooms and American schoolrooms was a gaggle of scheming, hate-filled Jews bent on destroying our civilization and our race.

Television entertainment played a major role by masculinizing the portrayal of women and feminizing the portrayal of men and by portraying as a bigot and a hater, as an object of contempt and ridicule, anyone who didn't want to go along.

There was the drive for so-called "children's rights," the drive for unlimited permissiveness and against parental "repression" of children -- and in fact, against any form of discipline or restraint. This drive was perhaps most visible in the efforts of radical youth-movement Jews such as Abbie Hoffman and Jerry Rubin with their "kill your parents" slogan in the 1960s and 1970s, but it was Jewish television that promoted more subtly and also more effectively the attitudes that parental authority was old-fashioned and out of style and that self-discipline, responsibility, and good work habits were only for dull, narrow-minded people, that the modern attitude was, "if it feels good, do it."

More than once, when speaking with people who already agree -- in theory -- with me on the racial issue and on the Jewish issue I have had the experience of seeing them recoil in horror when I talk about what ultimately needs to be done to clean up our society.

When I talk about cleaning out the stables -- when I talk about an inevitable civil war -- they are horrified. I realize, of course, that we are in no position at this time to punish traitors and clean up our government. But even to contemplate a final solution for getting rid of the filth in the government and in the media horrifies my listeners. They will only consider solutions that don't involve violence or bloodshed: only nice, peaceful, non-violent solutions that don't hurt anyone's feelings. When I talk about the eventual need for ethnic cleansing on a massive scale to undo the damage done by non-White immigration and miscegenation during the past century, again they are horrified. "Oh, we can't do that," they say: "That's genocide!"

When will White people understand that whether the Democrats or the Republicans win this year is
not so important?

Even without additional immigrants, we have a financial collapse and racial catastrophe in both Europe and the United States, and the Jews are pumping their lies and filth into all of us every day. And instead of focusing on these real problems, most of us let ourselves be distracted by utterly inconsequential issues such as where the Confederate flag can be flown (or Putin’s war game in Syria).

I’ll go over that again: reality is that we are being pushed rapidly toward racial extinction. Reality is that the Jews are controlling the minds of a majority of our people for the specific purpose of controlling all of our financial and other resources.

So what do we do? How do we go about restoring our manhood? Unfortunately, for America as a whole it's not as simple as it would have been for the Whites in that Mardi Gras crowd in Seattle. It's not just a matter of a few of us grabbing fence posts and splitting Black skulls. The first thing we must do is stop the flow of Jewish lies and Jewish poison and Jewish filth into every American living room and every American classroom. That is an enormous task, an extremely difficult task.

In order to survive White countries have to get rid of Jews from their media, educational and financial systems, send all ‘refugees’ back to their homes and repeal all welfare programs to non-white residents. Those are the real problems, which we must deal with. Think about racial survival and racial freedom, that’s all that matters. Really, nothing else counts in the least.

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