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Lord Dreadnought

Putin's Russia is very weak.

At present, the Western Zionist media is Putin’s PR team. They want us to believe that neosoviet putin’s Russia is the world’s superpower and real alternative to the United States and NATO. I won’t defend current American government, but you should know that Jews always wanted to create fake opposition and alternative in order to fully control the situation. Putin as well as Trump and Mari Le Pen play the role of the fake opposition to NWO.

However, despite the media noise, on most objective grounds, Russia is hardly a great power. It has some very old nuclear weapons, but ultimately these are of little practical value and most of the rockets with nuclear warheads are already dismantled. Continued rearmament depends on money, and Russia’s economy is dependent on oil that is now selling for bargain-basement prices. Russia’s economy is the 13th largest in the world, just between Australia and Spain, about half the size of France’s, about a fourteenth of the USA’s. Even before the value of the ruble collapsed, Russian military spending was around one-seventh of America’s.

What the Kremlin does have is the will to take risks, ignore the rules, and hope that the other side is more sensible, more cautious, more willing to make concessions than it is to call Russia's bluff.

In the main, this has worked so far. But Putin’s bad-boy geopolitics and military postures are wasting assets already beginning to prove to be liabilities.

The Russian defense budget as it stands is unsustainable. Already this year it has been cut by 5 percent, and a range of future projects are being quietly scaled down or pushed back.

Even with the cut, the defense budget is bleeding the Kremlin of resources needed for economic diversification and the public services needed to pacify an increasingly disgruntled population.

Precisely because Putin has been so successful at talking up his unpredictability and aggressive capabilities.

Of course, West needs to take the Russian challenge seriously. But that also means not giving Putin more credibility and authority than he deserves.

By our panics and hyperbole, inspired by Zionist media not only are we in effect encouraging him to consider more adventures, we are giving him greater global clout than the leader of a declining, impoverished, underpopulated country stuck between a prosperous Europe and a rising China deserves.

Were we to be more laid back, less inclined to jump every time he rattles his saber, in the short term it might infuriate him, encourage some new act of brinkmanship, although he has few safe options now and faces powerful states and alliances alert to his usual tricks. But in the long term, if he finds himself being treated not as a fearsome threat but an annoying (and sometimes even laughable) upstart, he may come to realize that his current antics are not a shortcut to great power status.

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