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Never forget that 'george ribbon' is a satanic communist symbol.

George ribbon (georievskaya lenta) in Russia — symbolizes the Soviet Union's "Great Victory" in World War II.

In 2005 as a response to the Orange Revolution in Ukraine, Russian state media along with youth organizations launched the campaign ahead of World War II memorial celebrations. Their main symbol is Georgiyevskaya lenta. It was associated with military units in Red Army, who were awarded the collective Guard battle honors during the WWII, due to the usage of the color scheme in the "Great Patriotic War". I suppose, I don't have to remind everyone about mass rape and murder of millions of white people by Red Army in Europe. Symbol of rape and murder of white European people became a decade ago part of state religion in Russia.

One of the most honourable medals in the Soviet Union, the medal "For the Victory over Germany"  features georgian ribbon stripes. It was awarded to all the soldiers and officers of Red Army who participated in the Eastern Front campaigns, and was the first award to be universally granted to all the veterans, for the most part, right after the end of the war.

The title of the Soviet Guards was first introduced on 18 September 1941 in accordance with the decision of the Headquarters of the Supreme Commander-in-Chief and by the order No. 308 of the People's Commissar of Defense for the distinguished services during the Yelnya Offensive. The 100th, 127th, 153rd and 161st Rifle Divisions were renamed into the 1st, 2nd, 3rd and 4th Guards Divisions, respectively. The units and formations nominated for the Soviet Guard title received special Guards banner in accordance with the decision of thePresidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR. On 21 May 1942, the Presidium of the Supreme Soviet of the USSR introduced Guards ranks and Guards badges to be worn of the right side of the chest. Both included the Georgian ribbon pattern.

In 2005, the 60th anniversary of Victory Day over Nazi Germany and her allies, news agency RIA Novosti and a youth civic organization launched a campaign that called on volunteers to distribute ribbons in the streets ahead of Victory Day. Since then the ribbon is worn by civilians in Russia and other former republics of the Soviet Union as an act of commemoration and remembrance of Red army veterans and “victory” over Nazi Germany. For the naming of the ribbons the diminutive form is used: georgiyevskaya lentochka. Since 2005 the ribbon is distributed every year all over Russia in the preparation for 9 May (Victory Day over Nazi Germany and her allies) and is on that day widely to be seen on wrists, lapels, and cars. The motto that goes with it is "We remember, we are proud!".

The ribbon is a symbol of victory," said Konstantin Kudryashov, deputy general director of Promo Lenta, a textile manufacturer in the Moscow region that produces 4 million to 5 million Georgian ribbons a year. "Many people died for our victory in World War II. The ribbons are probably being worn more often these days because people are happy that Crimea is a part of Russia again."

Georgievskaya lenta was also associated with st. George ribbon used with 18th century czarist Russian military medal, but that is not correct. These ribbons are different. Orange one is called Guardian/Gvardeyskaya ribbon (from Communist National Guard), while yellow one is St. George ribbon which was used in Russian imperial army.

Russian specialists Sean Roberts and Robert Orttung explained the ongoing controversies around the St. George Ribbon for the Washington Post:</div>
"In the run-up to the May 9 holiday this year, Moscow is promoting its connections between World War II and the war in eastern Ukraine through an unlikely strategy – by trying to monopolize the lapels of post-Soviet citizens. This situation has its origins in an ingenious, participatory, and continually evolving Russian nationalist propaganda campaign originally created by Putin’s administration in 2005 as part of the 60th anniversary of Victory Day – the wearing of the Ribbon of St. George or the Georgievskaya Lenta".

Vladimir Putin and his communist guests openly used  georgian ribbon celebrating the "victory" day over Germany.

There are a lot of other evidence that georgian ribbon or georgievskaya lenta symbolises Communist Army victory in the WWII.

And yes, russian-backed separatists in the Eastern Ukraine uses the same ribbon for obvious reasons, because according to Putin's propaganda they are fighting against Ukrainian nationalists or nazi as they being called by russian state propaganda. I must recall that Ukrainian nationalists were a major force in a Euromaidan revolution in Ukraine. They openly declared their anti zionist and anti communist views. In that situation, zionist masters ordered Putin to punish Ukraine. And he has started the war against that country. He explained his actions during a March 4, 2014 news conference, when he called the anti-Yanukovych protesters “reactionary anti-Semitic forces.” The Putin has repeatedly cited the alleged anti-Semitism of Ukrainian nationalists in justifying Russia’s 2014 annexation of the Ukraine-controlled Crimea.

Around this time was when the term "Colorady" or "Colorado Beetles" began to be used to describe the pro-Russian demonstrators and fighters, due to the similarity of the orange-and-black stripes of the insect.

For white European people, george ribbon is a communist symbol of rape and murder, but for Russians it is a symbol of their victory in WWII.

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