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Gay terror in US. The shocking truth.

Now propaganda of sodomy and other sexual deviations in America is completely out of control.

Each year JP Morgan Chase sends its employees a survey asking questions related to management and other non-controversial issues. The survey included very personal questions for the first time.

Questions asked were: Are you a member of the LGBT community? Are you an ally of the LGBT community, but not personally identifying as LGBT?

Employees are alarmed by these social activist questions. If they answer no, they fear they would be open to criticism that may affect their employment.

"This survey wasn't anonymous. You had to enter your employee ID. With the way things are going…not selecting that [pro-gay] option is essentially saying 'I'm not an ally of civil rights;' which is a vague way to say 'I'm a bigot.' The worry among many of us is that those who didn't select that poorly placed, irrelevant option will be placed on the 'you can fire these people first' list." – JP Morgan Chase employee

Freedom of speech is over in U.S. The tech world surrendered to political correctness enforced through a public shaming on social media.

Brendan Eich, the newly named CEO of the software firm Mozilla Corporation, resigned from the post after angering gay rights activists and some in the tech industry for his opposition to same-sex marriage.

Eich's views on gay marriage came to light in the days following his appointment last week to run Mozilla, best-known for its Firefox browser. News re-emerged of a $1,000 donation he made in 2008 supporting California's Proposition 8, an anti-gay marriage referendum.

Since then two former Mozilla developers and the dating site OKCupid, among others, have publicly condemned the software development firm for appointing a known supporter of the anti-gay law -- voters passed Prop 8, but it was later shot down by the Supreme Court. Critics urged that web users try a different browser.

Organization President Brian Brown said Eich had been the "target of a vicious character attack by gay activists who have forced him out of the company he has helped lead for years."

Eich' s technical reputation is strong. He created JavaScript and helped write the code to run Netscape's Navigator web browser before co-founding Mozilla.

Mozilla, which is based in Mountain View, Calif., declined to make any further comment Friday. Eich did not respond to requests for comment.

Harmeet Dhillon, vice chairman of the California Republican Party, said Silicon Valley can be intolerant, and noted 52 percent of California voters supported the anti-gay marriage measure.

You still have free speech in a strict technical sense: the federal government will not hunt you down. The bill of rights protects you from them, but only from them. Every cultural marxist will hunt you down now. they'll find out how you voted, then attack you.

This is how the bitter winners of a war behave, and the cultural marxists believe they have won a war. They are out to hunt down the surviving losers. some winners will let bygones be bygones, but not these people. They hate with a burning passion rarely seen outside of a physical war.

White male in US who doesn't like gays, jews or blacks and mexicans or who opposes the government's open-borders immigration policy or who is against more gun control laws is very likely to be a "hate criminal." If a heterosexual White male says that he thinks there's already too much "sexual diversity" in the country or expresses his disapproval of homosexual couples or of White women who have Black boy friends, then he's definitely someone to keep an eye on. And if he distributes any sort of printed material expressing his Politically Incorrect views, then he should be regarded as a potential terrorist.

The instructors the ADL and the other Jewish groups send around to brainwash police personnel and let the cops know that of course, the Constitution was never meant to protect "hate criminals." The First Amendment was never meant to protect all forms of speech, just as the Second Amendment is really only about government militias and bestows no individual right to keep and bear arms. One of the ADL's principal contributors during the 1980s was the notorious Jewish crime boss Moe Dalitz, the "godfather" of Las Vegas. Dalitz gave the ADL so much money from his various criminal operations that in 1985 the ADL gave a tribute banquet for him and presented him with its annual "Torch of Liberty" award for that year. Shortly afterward Dalitz was killed in a shootout with a rival gang that left seven other gangsters dead as well. In 90-s the ADL had its offices in San Francisco and Los Angeles raided by police with search warrants who found thousands of stolen confidential police files which the ADL had acquired illegally by having its agents inside California law-enforcement agencies.

One might think that with a record like the ADL has, law-enforcement agencies would scrupulously avoid any contact with the organization. The unfortunate fact is that most law-enforcement agencies aren't even aware of the ADL's history of criminal affiliations and activities. They aren't aware of these things because the controlled media to a large degree have avoided saying anything about them. Cops tend to be the sort of people who believe what they are told by the mass media, because of the media's aura of authority. Cops are authoritarians. If they see it on TV they believe it; if it's not on TV then it's not real. And the Jewish bosses of the mass media protect Jewish organizations such as the ADL.

The media don't talk about the criminal nature of the ADL; instead they always refer to it in glowing terms as a "public service organization" or a "human rights organization," and the cops accept this description without asking questions. Today's cops have been taught that they aren't permitted to thump Blacks who demonstrate with Jesse Jackson the way they used to thump Blacks who demonstrated with Martin Luther King 35 years ago. It was bad to have thumped King's demonstrators, they are told, but if they want to thump someone today they should thump White "hate criminals." And that's what they do.

You can't just let them win every battle then shake their hand and smile and say thanks, can you punch me in the face yet again, and hey don't worry, I definitely won't hit back ever no matter what you do to me.

Our situation now is very similar to the last days of Roman Empire.

When Rome was young there were always enough true Romans to assure her success and prosperity. Later, however, the Romans abandoned the faith of their fathers, squandered their patrimony, and became corrupt and decadent. In the end sodomites took all the power in the country. And so Rome fell.

And, from the long viewpoint of History, that was right and proper. Those nations live which deserve to live, and those die which deserve to die.

Does America — does the West — deserve to live? Does our race deserve to live?

Does America — does the West — deserve to live? Does our race deserve to live?

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