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Don’t think Putin is some kind of savior, he’s in bed with the Zionists and playing their game.

Indeed, Putin sadly appears to be rolling right over; some of his known associates in Russia are the same sect of demonic Chabad Lubavitcher Jews who insisted on the 1991 US Noahide Laws being made, which, when fully implemented, can be used to legitimize the killing of any or all non-Jews in the US, and the Lubavitchers have the intent to make those laws global.

What is next in Russia, the implementation of the Noahide Laws there also, ready to implement a new Stalinist genocide of the gentiles there? It is highly possible .

Putin has already shown what kind of a ‘hero’ he is in ‘resisting’ the evil Judaic government of America, by betraying Iran and refusing it the electronic key to use a missile system sold by it to Iran, thereby rendering it useless in the face of any potential attack by America, and Putin has done similar in Syria; rather than sticking up for Syria, Russia has refused to supply missiles to Syria also. and he has surprisingly and very sadly made a law that holocaust denial is now illegal in Russia.

Russian President Putin meets several rabbis to discuss joint efforts in battling revival of neo-Nazism and anti-Semitism

SEVASTOPOL (EJP)—Russian President Vladimir Putin assured Jewish leaders that Russia will fight against any new manifestations of Nazism and anti-Semitism.

He made the statement on Wednesday during a meeting in Sevastopol with more than a dozen prominent rabbis, including Berel Lazar, chief rabbi of Russia, and Israeli chief rabbi Yitzchak Yosef and former chief rabbi Israel Meir Lau, as well as several rabbis from Austria, Belgium, Britain, Germany, Italy, the Netherlands and France.

‘’We in Russia are very familiar with the tragedy of the Holocaust. Six million Jews were killed in the Soviet Union and Europe. At the same time, we know very well, that representatives of the Jewish people fought against Nazism in the Red Army – were political workers, and just ordinary soldiers, doctors, in general, have made a worthy contribution to the fight against Nazism,’’ Putin said.

‘’But the tragedy of the Jewish people takes, of course, a special place in the number of crimes committed by the Nazis during World War II.I repeat once again, we in Russia know about it and feel the pain like no other,because, you know, more than 20 million Soviet people, the vast majority of them Russian, were killed during the fighting against Nazism.’’

“I want to assure you that we will do everything possible to prevent the recurrence of such tragedies in the future,” the Russian president added.

“We consider you, in this regard, our closest allies and ask you to consider us and as such,” he also said.

He has no problem (and a clear agenda) in telling everyone how those “evil EUROPEAN Americans” have a long history of mass-murdering everyone from Indians to the Japanese (while “holding the poor Black man down”), and he points out that Stalin (‘as bad as he was’) would still not have used nuclear weapons against Germans (even though he had no problem being a Jew-puppet while 10’s of millions of Russians were murdered), but (of course) no mention of the Jews, who he most certainly knows were behind the scenes orchestrating it all.

He’s on board with the “blame Whitey” game just as much as any Jew. He is projecting Jewish crimes onto his fellow Whites, as he plays his role in setting up the next (brothers) war. In what is clearly the Jewish M.O. of drawing lines between us, engaging in heavy propaganda on both sides (to further drive the wedge), and making their next war appear “justified”, against the “bad guys” on the “other side”.

IF he was “secretly working for us” and “against the Jews”, then why would he push their anti-White propaganda and feed into the type of division that justifies brother wars? Why would he project Jewish crimes onto his fellow Whites (many of whom are RUSSIAN -by blood- Americans -by mere birth, no less)? And once more, why no mention of the Jews?

To be clear: It’s one thing to “fail” to mention the Jews by name or deed(I guess you could excuse such a thing by claiming that he is “secretly plotting against them” and just “waiting for his moment to strike”), but it’s another to actively parrot their propaganda, push their (anti-White) agenda (this division between Whites based on our passports), and go so far as to project Jewish crimes onto White Americans.

Nothing to see here folks, I’m just “hating on” the “messiah” Putin for “nothing” (I must be a “Jewish shill”):

With some people, no amount of facts will ever wake them up. That goes for otherwise Jew-wise Putin worshipers as well. False hope is a powerful emotion and it’s tough to overcome. They’ll swear he is our “savior” no matter how much evidence is offered to prove he is anything BUT, then they’ll label anyone who dares call their “messiah” into question a “hater”, a “troll”, or even a Jew. Go figure...

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