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Orwellian totalitarian laws are seemingly in a never ending state of expansion in Putin’s Russia.


Legal obstacles to free speech and White rights in Russia. Putin's personal legislative activism in the area.

Another article about the same or similar developments (it's hard to say, because these): Russia stretches 'extremism' laws. Thanks to these laws, virtually everything including breathing too loud can be "extremist". Kremlin-controlled forces are glad to offer clarification about what these laws are intended to terrorize - Oleg Morozov, deputy speaker of the Duma, from the pro-Kremlin United Russia Party: "We need to establish zero tolerance in our society for xenophobia, nationalism, and extremism in all its forms."

A new legislation was supported by Jewish activists and Putin's Party United Russia, and has been signed into law by Putin in late 2012, that sets the legal basis for banning almost any pro-White / pagan symbols (and organizations that use them), as well as potentially any unPC information on NS, WW2, revisionism etc: "Nazi propaganda" banned in Russia. In reality, as expected, it went above and beyond "Nazi". Another thread about this development, its originator and consequences: Total ban of white symbols in Russia - Stormfront.

Somewhere along the line, one arm of Russian government has created an official list of "terrorists and extremists": Russia now has an Orwellian Nonperson ("extremist") List. Get blacklisted forever for an ethnic/racial slur - Stormfront (see the thread for examples of how this affects nationalist activists and accidental thought criminals). According to this RT article, "Since June 30 (of 2011), all defendants who stand trial on charges of terrorism and extremism will now also be included on the list." I have not yet identified the specific bill or decree that mandated this change in 2011. It might have been any of the countless anti-extremist legislation produced in a constant stream by putinism. What is important, is that cases take years one way or another, so even if the defendant miraculously obtains a non-guilty verdict in the end, RF government has a legal instrument to "economically torment" and destroy the livelihood of the hundreds of thought criminals, for years, with complete impunity (details in the thread). According to documents on the official website, the legal basis is, naturally, Putin's laws and decrees. One of them, from as early as 2001, already includes wording about "extremists" (i.e. thought criminals).

In 2013, Putin supported penalizing mentions of race and ethnicity of criminals, so that Whites can not get information about real effects of immigration and "multiculturalism": Ban on mentioning nationality of criminals in Russia (no power of law yet, status unknown).

In December 2013, Putin's and Medvedev's perennial drive for more repression against thought criminals was answered by a new bill: Russia: penalties for thought crimes increased in 2013. According to the press (see the linked thread for details), Putin's been confirmed by officials as backer of this change. The bill was promptly rubber-stamped by Putin loyalist -controlled RF parliament and is scheduled to become law somewhere in the first half of 2014. It contains amendments for a number of criminal and administrative law articles to make life much worse for those evil "thought criminals".

In 2013, Putin's regime is actively working on censoring the internet (last refuge of unPC in Russia) as per Putin's requests for "barrier to extremism propaganda in Internet": Russia's FSB mulls ban on Tor online anonymity network & more. <-- Other news in this thread: bots to police the internet against "extremist" thought crimes, FSB will have access to the correspondence of Gmail users, and Yahoo, total internet surveillance in Russia. In the same vein, in December 2013 they passed another putinism-inspired bill - Russian prosecutors will block "extremist" (i.e. racial, nationalist etc) websites without warrant - Stormfront. Naturally, it was backed, endorsed and signed ASAP by Putin and is also en route to becoming law in 2014.

Also late in 2013 Putin has decided the already enormous breadth of thought crime legislation is not wide enough yet, and has proposed to criminalize "separatist incitement". The controlled parliament quickly obliged, and it's expected to become law by May 2014 : Russian Duma makes discussion of separatism / "threatening territorial integrity" a thought crime - Stormfront. This will close one of the few remaining loopholes for nationalists & racialists: the ability to speak about any separation at all, even without "supremacism" or violence (most of the talk about racial or ethnic differences is already criminalized as per official definition of "extremism" already given in this post). Bill designers officially targeted White separatists and WNs rioting against migrant & Muslim criminality.

In 2014, bigshots from Putin's United Russia has finally pushed through the parliament their bill to outlaw skepticism of Nuremberg trials and historical dogmas (aka "Holocaust denial" and "defiling the military glory and accomplishments of USSR"). Shortly after, on May 5, 2014, Putin signed a law punishing Holocaust & Nuremberg Trials scepticism with up to 5 years - Stormfront.

Source of the text: http://www.stormfront.org/forum/t941887/

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