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Can black people sustain Western civilization?

Today, the liberal Left bombards America with pro-Black propaganda. The post modernists have been letting huge numbers of Black African immigrants into the country.

Multiculturalists expect us to believe that these strange brown people dressed like medieval jesters are the future of our magnanimous Western civilization. 

As citizens concerned for the future of our communities and the safety of our posterity the question should be asked: can Blacks sustain White Western society with all its complex institutions and cultural expressions?

Christians should not stand idly by and accept the destruction of our faith's civilization; as it would benefit neither the world nor Christ's followers. Christians must ask tough questions.

For anyone willing to look, there is a massive amount of data upon which to construct answers.

Evaluating the history of the now ruined city of Detroit, the now ruined continent of Africa, and the now ruined island of Haiti while comparing them with Japan and Puerto Rico should give anyone the evidence they need to decide upon the ability of Blacks to sustain White civilization.

One might wonder what Japan has to do with Black people. The Japanese serve as a useful contrast to the low intelligence of the Black race.

Even though American Blacks are still undeveloped 500 years after being introduced to civilized society, and Africa is still savage and chaotic even after being nurtured and instructed by the White man for over 150 years, the Japanese essentially recreated a version of Western civilization on their small island in the time between first contact with the West and the era when the West could have conquered and colonized them.

The Portuguese had conducted trade with the Black Africans for slaves since the 16th century. These Africans, however, never developed technologies or learned anything from the superior Europeans. Africans remain in the most primitive state of man until this present day.

In 1854 American Commodore Matthew Perry anchored his armored battleship off the coast of Japan and forced the Japanese to accept trade with the Americans.

Upon seeing the mammoth warship the Japanese realized they were in trouble. They understood that if they didn’t modernize rapidly they would quickly be dominated by the superior Americans.

Unlike the barbarian Blacks, who never had any idea of developing in pace with the Europeans, the Japanese (who possess an average IQ equal to that of Whites) rapidly modernized to the point that only 50 years later they were capable of defeating the Russian Empire in the Russo-Japanese War and establishing themselves as a kind of colonial power in the Far East. They did all of this modernization despite few natural resources and a small geographical land area.

Perhaps someone will argue that Africa is poor because of bad geography, perhaps someone will argue that Detroit is ruined because of some kind of American racism. The same arguments cannot be used for Haiti.

Haiti is considered a 'failed state' by the Fund for Peace (FFP).

Haiti has the highest percentage of Black people in the Western Hemisphere – it is also the poorest country in the Western Hemisphere.


I think not.

No one can blame climate/geography for Haiti’s failures as the island sits right next to Puerto Rico, the most developed and richest country in all of Latin America.

Puerto Rico is the Caribbean’s wealthiest country. Does it come as a surprise to anyone that it also has the Caribbean’s Whitest population (White Haitians: 1-3%, White Puerto Ricans:76.2%)?

Although Wikipedia is not always reliant the online encyclopedia opens its article on the Economy of Puerto Rico:

‘Despite its relatively small geographical area and limited availability of natural resources, Puerto Rico's productivity is exceptionally high, having the highest nominal GDP per capita in Latin America,’

I quote Wikipedia not because I get my information from that source, but to demonstrate that anyone can go online and research this data for themselves.

Haiti’s population is 3 times larger than that of Puerto Rico’s. Haiti’s has 3 times the land area of Puerto Rico.

Why, then, is Haiti’s total economic output less than 1/11th that of Puerto Rico’s!?

Another argument used to excuse Africa’s poverty is that Black countries were under colonial rule up until the 1960s. If Whites had granted independence to Black countries earlier on they would be better off today… so the argument goes.

But Haiti has been independent from colonial rule for 212 years. Puerto Rico has been free for 0 years!

To this very day Puerto Rico is still ruled by a colonial power (United States), and yet it is light-years ahead of Haiti.

One last note on Haiti, Haiti is a perfect example of how Marxist economics can’t be blamed for the failure of Black societies. Haiti has embraced the free market to such an extent that leftists routinely blame the countries poverty on capitalism. The country remains in impoverished shambles.

No historical truth is more certain than that the Black race is incapable of sustaining civilization.

Only racially superior peoples, like Japanese and Whites, are capable of sustaining what we now know as Western Civilization. Blacks will hopelessly continue to recreate the heart of darkness as they have since time immemorial.

Source: http://www.christianityandrace.org/p/can-blacks-sustain-civilization.html


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