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Ukraine's 'Joan of Arc' Vita Zaverukha.

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Vita is a brave young Ukrainian white nationalist volunteering as a fighter to save her country from being overrun by Russian-backed militants. Her quote: 'If the Russians return to my town, I will shoot. If not me, then who will do it?' I have to remind that both houses of the Russian parliament voted on 1 March 2014 to give President Putin the right to use Russian troops in Ukraine. Because of Putin's military intervention in Ukraine and his plan to rebuild red soviet empire dozens of thousands of Ukrainian people are already dead.

Ukrainian patriot Vita Zaverukha hailed as Ukraine's 'Joan of Arc' by Elle magazine is a member of Aidar battalion, which is known for its brutality against Russian-backed terrorists operating in the Eastern Ukraine even relative to the other Ukrainian nationalist volunteer battalions. The battalion is known for its links to the far-right, and members have previously been pictured with Svastika insignia.

She has also participated in the incineration of the Odessa Trade Unions House and execution of red Russian separatists there and celebrated its anniversary.

In one of her more recent posts, she writes: 'The victory may be only radical action - campaigning and murder. 'Rallies , picketing and other dressing did not achieve. Action should always be sharp. The less time costs for the action , the longer it takes effect.'

Kiev police has reported the arrest of 19-year-old Aidar Battalion fighter Vita Zaverukha, who is suspected of serving as an accomplice in the killing of two berkut police officers, which persecuted protesters on Euromaidan. According to her  lawyers no credible evidence of her accompanice in this crime exists. Lawyers explain her arrest as a part of wave of political repressions from Ukrainian government against nationalist movement. I must remind that Ukrainian government has already arrested several hundreds of Ukrainian nationalists and volunteers.


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