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Largest nationalist party in France, Front National, allied with Jews.

Council of French Jewish Organizations was conceived by Napoleon in an effort to modernize the state, in the aftermath of the emancipation of the Jews during the French Revolution. This emancipation had actually been the first of its kind in Europe, and its effects were to be felt through all the continents. France was always the place where local ‘patriots’ have strong ties to massonic and other jewish supremacist organizations.

Long associated with anti-Semitism and conspiracy theories, the French National Front of late has been toning down its language and moving toward respectability under the leadership of Marine Le Pen. The party’s president since 2011, Le Pen, who campaigns on pro-jewish, an anti-immigration and anti-European platform, is increasingly seen as a serious presidential candidate in the 2017 elections.

Marine Le Pen assumed the leadership of the National Front in 2011, replacing her father. He had run the party with his deputy, Bruno Gollnisch, who was also convicted of denying the Holocaust, though the ruling was overturned by a higher court. Together they seemed happy to make the National Front the bete noire of the political establishment.

After assuming the party leadership, Le Pen stripped Gollnisch of his duties at the European Parliament, leading him to observe last year that she “seeks to keep me and her father in a certain state of virginity” — a phrase pundits took to be a euphemism for impotence. She repeatedly has condemned anti-Semitism and punished a party official who made anti-Semitic statements. In 2011, Le Pen dispatched her life partner and National Front Vice President Louis Alliot on a bridge-building mission to Israel.

A recently published survey of 1,095 self-identified Jews showed that the National Front had more than doubled its share of the Jewish vote in the 2012 presidential elections, earning 13.5 percent of Jewish support. But with roughly 600,000 people, the Jewish community of France—meaning simply the total number of Jews in the country—accounts for no more than 0.7 percent of the population so there was no reason to placate Jews if only they do not pay the bills of the party. Zionist media also gave full support not to the National Front, the survey by the IFOP polling company grabbed headlines in major publications because it was seen as a worrisome indicator that a party once shunned by the mainstream is gaining full media support.

The National Front, was the xenophobic and populist right-wing party, but after Marine Le Pen and her Zionist friends take power, front is doing its best these days to drag French Jews into its ranks. One of the most prominent figures of the party, Gilbert Collard, is coming out with a new statement defending Israel against the so-called “pro-Palestinian” demonstrations.

Now, Front National has a lot of ethnic Jews inside the organization itself. For example, Rachline, a National Front activist since the age of 15 and the son of a Jewish father, won 45 percent of the vote in Fréjus last March. During his campaign, he spoke out against the building of a new mosque in town. With a population of 53,000, Fréjus is one of the more substantial communities run by the National Front. Rachline has since become one of the first two members of the party ever elected to France’s Senate.

Under Marine Le Pen, party officials for the first time began courting Jewish votes by addressing letters to their communities. One such letter was sent this month by Julien Leonardelli, a party regional secretary from the Toulouse area, to a local Jewish community center that assailants earlier this year attacked with firebombs.

Leonardelli wrote of his “grave concern at the increase of anti-Semitic attacks” in France, which he said were the result of irresponsible immigration policies by the Socialist Party and the UMP party of former President Nicolas Sarkozy.

As a National Front representative and spokesperson for Marine Le Pen, I express deep indignation over these acts and assure all our Jewish compatriots of our full support in the fight against all forms of anti-Semitism,” Leonardelli wrote.

Her father was not much better. Despite his many anti-semitic remarks, he also nany times tried to better the party’s relationship with the Jewish community, even though I do not like the term. Take his trip to the United States to the World Jewish Congress in ’86, for instance. The recorded fact is that, at he also publicly expressed his admiration for the Israel army in its war against Egypt.

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