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Lord Dreadnought (lorddreadnought) wrote,
Lord Dreadnought

Shocking truth. Kremlin funds French National Front and some other Far-right movements in Europe.

The €9m (£7m) that French rising star of politics Front National (FN) borrowed from a Russian lender may be just the tip of the iceberg, as fresh reports indicate that Marine Le Pen's party is in talks with a Kremlin-linked bank to get the staggering figure of €40m in total.

The first report of a deal with Moscow-based banks raised concern among some commentators worried over possible foreign intrusion into French politics and comes at a time of increasing tension between Moscow and the West over the situation in Ukraine.

FN, which made a dramatic breakthrough in the French parliament and topped the European polls, has based its success on an anti-immigration, Euro-sceptic agenda, appealing to an anti-establishment electorate.

Banks in France have been unwilling to lend money to political parties since Nicolas Sarkozy was fined €500,000 for undisclosed expenses in his 2012 presidential bid.

It is no big surprise that Marine Le Pen, who visited Moscow and Kremlin on several occasions since taking over from her father, is seeking Russian support, despite antifascist and pro-Israel rhetoric of Vladimir Putin. At a time when relationships between the European Union and the Kremlin are at an all-time low, with economic and diplomatic sanctions imposed on Russian businessmen and lawmakers, Le Pen's party described Putin as a "patriot" and criticised EU bureaucrats for rekindling the Cold War with the superpower. She also mentioned that Ukraine and some other countries in the Eastern Europe should not be part of European Union.

According to Mediapart, Le Pen travelled personally to Moscow on a secret trip in February to seal the loan with FRCB. On that occasion, she was allegedly introduced to nationalist MP Alexander Babakov, who has been blacklisted by the EU for his support of a Russian bill on the annexation of Crimea.

Moldova-born Babakov, 51, who acted as middleman in the FN's loan deal, owns at least €11m of real estate in France with his wife, Irina Babakova.

Le Pen is not the only fake far-right European politician supporting the strongman Putin. The Kremlin, on its part, is eager to fuel anti-EU sentiment in old Europe to leverage key support in easing economic and diplomatic sanctions against Russia.

Far-right Freedom Party's leader of Austria, Heinz-Christian Strache, condemned European policy urging Brussels to "stop playing the stooge of the US in the encirclement of Russia". The party has been accused of receiving Russian money.

Similar comments came from Geert Wilders, the leader of the Islamophobe Dutch Freedom Party, who blamed the EU-Russia tensions on "shameless Europhiles with their dreams of empire".

Hungary's far-right Jobbik party has also been accused of cashing in Kremlin money. Can you imagine that Jobbik or Front National will return borrowed money? I can't believe that. But I can believe that this fake nationalist movements will serve Kremlin and it's antifascist, pro-israel agenda till the last breath. As we can see Kremlin jewry and zionists can easilly corrupt nationalist movements as well. So, be aware of who you trust.

Source: http://www.ibtimes.co.uk/russia-loan-marine-le-pens-front-national-does-murky-deal-kremlin-bank-1477135

Tags: kremlin funds french national front
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