June 13th, 2018

UK Declassifies Almost All Government UFO Files

A month ago, the British government revealed they were going to release their last secret UFO files. 15 out of 18 of them are now available for reading in person at the National Archives in Kew, London, but they are not yet digitized.

People interested in this have been denigrated as conspiracy theorists by mainstream websites. According to IFLS:

“The lack of digital copies has done nothing but excite conspiracy theorist that have been overblowing the quite lackluster release of documents provided by the Minister of Defence (MoD).”

The UK government’s response to inquires about UFO’s is as typical as you might imagine.

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14 Year Old Boy Claims to Have Been Laying Eggs For Years

A 14 year old boy from Gowa, Indonesia is breaking the Internet right now by claiming that he has the ability to lay eggs, like a chicken or reptile. Several times, he has been put in the hospital due to his claims but doctors have had little answers.

The times he was admitted to the hospital in Indonesia, medical experts were always left with more questions than answers, on why he would “lay eggs” only at specific times. Even more strange, the eggs are in fact chicken eggs, not “human eggs” if there were such a thing, as tests confirm.

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