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Are all races absolutely equal in every way?

The Unofficial 2014 NFL Player Census says that 68 percent of the NFL players are black, 28 percent white, and 4 percent other. But this can't be, because we know the racial makeup of the U.S. (in 2010) was 64 percent white, 12 percent black, 16 percent Hispanic or Latino, and 8 percent other. Is the NFL racist? Does the NFL believe that in general blacks are better football players than whites? The NFL must be racist!

What about the NBA? Wikipedia says the NBA in 2011 was composed of 78 percent black, 17 percent whites, 4 percent Latinos, and 1 percent Asian. Does the NBA believe that in general blacks are better basketball players than whites? What other conclusion could you reach? Of course it does. The NBA is racist.

Not to believe there are differences in the races when it comes to football, basketball or other sports is naive. Or perhaps deranged.

So, why wouldn't you think there are differences in the races when it comes to other characteristics? Of course there are differences. And of course, you know that.

Of course, no one can openly say that one race is smarter than another, because that’s politically incorrect information and a hate crime in most of the White countries.

Now, let's get to that forbidden topic of discussion: intelligence. Let's look at some facts.

Among white Americans, the average IQ, as of a decade or so ago (that translates to the late 1990s), was 103. Among Asian-Americans, it was 106. Among Latino Americans, it was 89. Among African-Americans, it was 85. Around the world, studies find the same general pattern: whites 100, East Asians 106, sub-Sarahan Africans 70.

Not surprisingly, a good deal of challenging and debate has been going on regarding IQ and race. Many attempts have been made to refute the findings. But the facts seem to refuse to budge. One challenge was to examine kids of various races, but who were brought up in white, middle-class homes. The idea was that environmental factors would be key in the determination of IQ. A series of trans-racial adoption studies shows this theory does not prove out. When kids of different races are raised in white, middle-class homes, the kids' IQ scores remain quite consistent with IQ scores of others of their race.

Racial differences have been demonstrated repeatedly by every test ever conducted by every branch of the U.S. Military, every state, county, and local school board, the U.S. Dept. of Education, etc. The same ratio of difference has held true over a 40-year period.

But, as was mentioned earlier, differences between races appear in numerous areas of comparison, not just IQ.

Most of the known medical differences also seem to be to the blacks' disadvantage. Black women are twice as likely to have strokes as white or Hispanic women, and they suffer more damaging aftereffects. Blacks are three to four times more likely to have dangerously underweight babies. Kidney disease is eighteen times more common among blacks than whites. Left untreated, AIDS kills blacks more rapidly than it does whites or Hispanics, and blacks do not respond as well to the drug AZT as do patients of other races. Glaucoma strikes blacks five times more often than it does whites. Blacks are also twice as likely as whites to have high blood pressure, and five to seven times more likely to have dangerously high blood pressure.

But what are we to do if we encounter uncomfortable facts? Are we to refute them? Are we to ignore them? Are we to pretend they don't exist? The politically correct are sticking to their script: Race doesn't really matter. There aren't any differences between races. All races are equal.

However, the rate at which blacks commit murder is thirteen times that of whites. Rape and assault: ten times. Though only 12% of the U.S. population, blacks commit more than half of all rapes and robberies and 60% of all murders in the U.S. A black person is 56 times more likely to attack a white person than vice versa. Black rapists choose white victims over half (54.9%) of the time, 30 times as often as whites choose blacks.

Source: http://www.youdontsay.org/Racist.html

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