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Black traitors. The multi-university Black Coalition is calling for state treason and White Genocide

According to their website, the Afrikan Black Coalition is openly calling to engage in revolution and overthrow US Constitution, citing the need to “stop white people” in America. A "Black Lives Matter" leader has issued a dire warning for the United States: the United States needs a new Constitution or else, he warns, "it will be the bullet" for the White people in US.

"It is our human right to overthrow a government and Constitution that has been destructive to our people. White supremacy’s bullets are killing black people every day. The United States has declared war against us; it is time we demand a new constitution or tell America that she will get the bullet", the Coalition claimed in a post titled “A New Constitution or the Bullet.” A November 9 post from the Coalition called for white people to be stopped at all costs and accuses whites of “stealing from other people”.

In november 21 post leader of the Coalition Blake Simons demanded a $30 million dollar endowment to "help support" Black students, akin to the initiative that is being implemented at UC Berkeley. I won't be surprized, if "opressed" black terrorists receive that money from racist white "supermacist". We live in a crazy time after all.

The Coalition hosts an annual Afrikan Black Coalition Conference at one of its “partner schools such as UC Santa Barbara (which is hosting the 2016 conference in February). Several taxpayer-funded universities including UC Santa Barbara, UC Irvine, UC Riverside, UC Berkeley and San Diego State University openly show their support for the Afrikan Black Coalition Conference on their websites and UCLA’s African Student Union is openly recruiting students to join the university’s “delegation” to the conference. A website advertising the conference claims to have been paid for by UCSB’s student government.

UC Berkeley also allowed the Afrikan Black Coalition to publish a statement on the university website after the George Zimmerman trial. The Coalition also used the university website to announce their “plan to deconstruct and dismantle America’s racist institutions.”

As I understand, leader of the Black Coalition, Blake Simons has never read the Constitution, because he was unable to quote any discriminating passages against black people from the "racist" Constitution. All other statements from Black Coalition is even more stupid.

Apologists for oppressed Black America invariably fail to mention statistical facts. The problem is that  negroes and their liberal allies hate stats, because stats prove them wrong constantly.

Blacks account for 39.8% of all welfare recipients, versus 38.8% for whites. Despite the fact that blacks represent 12,9% of the population, while whites represent 64% (White Hispanics not included).  That means that blacks are almost five times more likely to receive welfare payments than White people. Moreover, black people almost four times more likely to receive food stamps (per capita) than White Americans.

And who pays for all of this? The White people that drag themselves out of bed and go to work each day pay for it all. White people pay 83% of income taxes, but they also own the corporations, so their tax share is well above 90%. It happens, that white privilege means the liability for white people to feed lazy black parasites and criminals.

In fact, most of the American negroes have been living off of “government benefits” for decades.  Many of these people actually plan their lives around doing exactly what they need to do to qualify for as many benefits as possible. America is rapidly turning into a socialist welfare state for non-white parasites and it is destroying our nation socially and financially.  Ever since the “war on black poverty” began our debt has absolutely exploded and yet now there are more poor people in this country than ever before. And what lazy negroes would give instead: rapes, murders and mass destructions. Obviously something is not working.

According to FBI surveys  during the 2012/2013 period, blacks committed an average of 560,600 violent crimes against whites, whereas whites committed only 99,403 such crimes against blacks. This means blacks were the attackers in 84.9 percent of the violent crimes involving blacks and whites. Using figures for the 2013 racial mix of the population–62.2 percent white, 12,9 percent black, in that case a black man is almost 30 times more likely to attack a white than vice versa. So it is not white, but definetely black supremacy’s bullets are killing innocent white people.

Moreover, during 2003 - 2008 period, blacks commited 135 206 sexual assaults against white, while whites didn't commit sexual assaults against blacks.

Despite these facts, black parasites, demand to overthrow the Constitution, because of non existent white privileges in its text. That is a true madness, because US government acting according to "racist" Constitution and secure food, shelter and living necessities for negroes and for their families. US nation lives in debt because it feeds dozens of millions of non-white parasites, but that is not enough to them, they need to consume everything that White man has produced.

Still, advocating the overthrowing of government is a very serious crime in the United States. In fact it is a state treason, which could carry the death sentence. If the pro-white group would post something about overthrowing the government on the the official university website or even forum it would be removed immediately and the poster would be banned. In a few days, FBI, CIA, NSA or other government security body would come to the author of that post. All members of that pro-white group would be condemned by society as terrorists and traitors; they would be arrested for inciting racial hatred and treason, found guilty and sentenced to years in prison or even executed.

That is why Black Simmons should be arrested for terroristic threats and state treason, despite the fact that he is "opressed" nigger. But as we all know black traitors are above the law in United States and most of the white officials and government security ignore black threat or even support black traitors on all levels. We see a collective White suicide in America, very similar to what has happened in South Africa.

But White people have to understand that even the smartest part of black race has openly declared war on the White race and calling for the White Genocide, so it is up to us to either accept the challenge and retaliate or lay down and die.

Since the assassination of John Kennedy – our enemies have flooded US nation with millions and millions of NON-white aliens from every backwater, 3rd-world failed nation on the planet. That’s what you get for letting zionists, women and homosexuals run the place. Very soon, zionist will change the demographics sufficient to ensure that no White man will ever again be elected to the top political position in America, only their liberals and leftists puppies. They will accelerate anti-White propaganda to even greater levels with no attempt to be subtle about it, either. Sooner of later, when white population dwindle, the rest of us Whites will become targets for ethnic cleansing like it happened in South Africa after blacks have gained all the political power.

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