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Anti-fascist scum. Novorussian proxies are not friends or allies of European Nationalists.

The “Novorussians” that Ukrainians are fighting are Natbol/Neo-Soviet imperialists, who only live in Eastern Ukraine because of Soviet demographic imperialism (i.e. white genocide) such as the suppression of the Ukrainian language and culture and the subsidization of Russian immigrants into Ukraine. This on top of the Holodomor that killed 10 million Ukrainians, orchestrated by the USSR under Stalin and his Jewish lackeys like Lazar Kaganovich.

The Russian “separatists” don’t just want to take the two eastern provinces, but half the country, conveniently cutting Ukraine off from the sea (a death sentence for an economically stagnant post-war nation). The “separatists” are supported by Russian soldiers in the form of ethnic Mongols, Buryats and Kazakhs (not just “native” Tatars as has been asserted, as if using the descendents of Turco-Muslim conquerers who live in Crimea would be any better), as well as Ramzan Kadyrov’s Chechens (it’s not all “whites fighting whites” as some Nationalist detractors claim).

As if the entire “nation” of Novorussia, a totally “grassroots” and “organic” initiative (that sprang up out of nowhere in the past 2 years) won’t just be folded into the Neo-Soviet empire like Crimea. Novorussian commander Igor Girkin claims to be the one responsible for starting the conflict in the East, as well as admits to being an FSB agent. He has also fought for Russian state interests in Chechnya, Bosnia, and Moldova. The idea that the Novorussian rebellion is a grassroots ethnic or racial nationalist uprising, rather than a concerted imperialistic effort on the part of Russia, is hogwash.

Communist militants from across the world have all flocked to fight for the Novorussians the same way true European Nationalists have volunteered to fight for Ukraine. Antifa throughout Europe have shown solidarity with them. The Colombian Marxist guerrilla group the FARC has also expressed its support for the Novorussian separatists. Novorussian commanders have stated that their committment is to their Soviet military heritage and that their fight is against “Nazis” and “racism,” for “internationalism.”Novorussian commander Igor Bezler has stated that his fight in Ukraine is a fight against “fascists.” The unrecognized Donetsk People’s Republic set up their new legislature along Soviet lines, even calling it “The People’s Soviet of Donetsk.”

After all, "anti-fascism" is the dominant ideology of Putin's Russia - a mixture of communist myths, Western liberalism and policy of multiculturalism. Russians are slowly dying as a nation In the conditions of Russian post-Soviet imperialism.

Here I will demonstrate that the nascent Russian imperial state and their Novorussian proxies are not friends or allies of European Nationalists or of “far-right” ideology.

Putinists and Duginists support the idea of "Eurasianism", which melds together ideologies, races, religions, and even disparate eras to create a great imperialist continuum that projects Russia as the "Third Rome" (one that embraces the other two) and uses phrases like "From Lisbon to Vladivostok" and "Berlin-Moscow-Beijing Axis." Yes, for the Putinist and Neo-Russian Imperialist spirit, Putin, Stalin, Tsar Nicholas, and Lenin all stand shoulder-to-shoulder, the ideological borders between them swept away as surely as the forgotten boundary markers between Muscovy and the Golden Horde or Kievan Russ and the Kipchaks have been swept away.

Such temporal, spatial, and ideological borderlessness is seen as a font of spiritual strength. For the contemporary Russian imperialist, all ideology – whether that of Heidegger, Marx, or even the original "mad monk"Philotheus of Pskov, with his "prophecy" of the all-conquering Third Rome – are mere grist for the mill of a transcendent megalomaniac vision. Ideological contradictions are for the small minds of Western logicians, not for the great "free" tyrants of the Eurasian steppes!

Modern Russian “patriotism” is focused on nostalgia for the Soviet Union, a regime Russians are largely nostalgic for. True Russian Nationalists are locked up, and Putin, the “white savior,” just made Holocaust Revision illegal. On May 1st Russians, organized by the state, line the streets with their Red Hammer & Sickle flags. Ukrainians destroy statues of Lenin, Russian “nationalists” of the Novorussian/Dugin/Putin stripe revere them. Indeed, when Russia’s smaller neighbors seek to rid themselves of the relics of their history under Soviet tyranny, the Russian state intervenes and attempts to coerce them into doing otherwise.

Putin himself has praised the Soviet Union. Medvedev, who certainly spoke for him, said that they want to rebuild Russia based on the values of the USSR. In the same speech, they also praised the Soviet Union’s Multiculturalism.

Alexander Dugin is the main ideological force behind the Eurasianists and Novorussians. He is also one of two figureheads of “National Bolshevism” in Russia. National Bolshevism categorically condemns any sort of “racism,” “fascism,” and “nationalism.” Dugin also has the ear of Putin, and despite his recent dismissel as Putin’s advisor, can definitely be considered as speaking for Putin in regards to his sympathies with the third world and desire to resurrect a multiracial neo-Soviet empire.

Novorussians destroying Ukrainian national and ethnic symbols, just like their communist forefathers did. Note this is far different from the destruction of Lenin statues by Ukrainians. The latter is not an attack on Russia, but only on the Judeo-Soviet regime and ideology. Russians who claim attacks on Lenin are an attack on their Nation only show that they are still wedded to the Communist Soviet Union, and thus are no friends of Nationalists anywhere.

Putin, Dugin, and the Novorussian communists do not want to bring down the global Jewish system; they just want to become yet another ‘pole’ who can influence and partake in the system.

Dugin is a fan of Jewry and considers the Jew Gershom Scholem one of the “greatest traditionalist thinkers.”

Here are some more quotes from Dugin:
“I am a supporter of blacks. White civilization – its cultural values and false, dehumanizing model of the world, built by them – there were no benefits. Everything is leading to the start of anti-White pogroms on a planetary scale. Russia is saved only by the fact that we are not pure white. Predatory multinational corporations, oppression, and suppressing everyone else, besides MTV, gays and lesbians – this is the fruit of White civilization, which is necessary to get rid of. So, I am for reds, yellows, greens and blacks, but not for Whites. I’m wholeheartedly on the side of the people of Zimbabwe.”
“The Western civilization is a racist, ethnocentric civilization. Every Westerner is a racist… But my opinion is: the civilizations of the West and the East are completely different. The Eastern one is superior in respect to defending herself against the Western racism… The Western European ethnocentrism is a constant… All European philosophers are racists…”

“We Russians are no nationalists, we never were a nation. When we speak of the ‘Ours,’ it isn’t meant ethnic. The Chechen or the Uzbek are also included…”

“Eurasia – that’s Russia and her partners. Turkey, Iran, China, India. The post-Soviet space, which even includes Mongolia…”
SPIEGEL: You say: “There are no critics of the Putinistic course anymore. And if there are critics, they are mentally ill, and they must be sent in the control of doctors. Putin is everything, Putin is indispensable.” Is that really by you?
Dugin: “Yes.”

Dugin affirms the Holocaust Myth as having actually happened, and considers any white racial solidarity to be evil and genocidal:
“What comes to the myth of ‘the solidarity of the White race,’ it is a complete utopia that leads not only to the Holocaust of the Jews, but also to a genocide of the Slavs. The remains of the Third Reich are a basis for this miserable, contradictory and completely false conception. … I am certain that many non-White peoples of Eurasia are a thousandfold closer to us in spirit and culture than Americans. In this question I am 100% affirmative with the visions of [Eurasianist thinker] L.Gumilev.”

Source: http://therightstuff.biz/2015/03/03/novorussia-atlanticists-and-ukrainian-nationalists/

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