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HEALTH US Government Admitted Cannabis Cures Cancer

Did you know that the US government already admitted cannabis cures cancer, a few years ago?

While Jeff Sessions tries to go against the unstoppable grain of cannabis legalization, all those clamoring for the incarceration of cannabis users fail to remember this.

According to a 2015 article by Mike Adams:

A group of federal researchers commissioned to prove the government’s claim that marijuana has “no medicinal value” may have unwittingly let some crucial research slip through the cracks, forcing the United States to admit that cannabis can kill cancer.

Although, at first glimpse, the latest claim appears to be a cruel April Fools’ prank from Nora D. Volkow, director of the National Institute on Drug Abuse (NIDA), but after careful inspection, it seems that the federal government is actually supporting a recent study which has determined that marijuana has the power to eliminate cancer cells.

This article could go in a number of different directions, citing any number of stories of cannabis oil curing cancer, treating seizures, ect.

But one story is a perfect microcosm of the comparison between naturopathic medicine and the erroneous ways of allopathic (pharmaceutical) medicine: the story of a young girl named Hayley Willar.

Hayley’s health declined after a Gardasil HPV vaccination, until she was diagnosed with leukemia. Her mother helped her cure it with cannabis oil, and she has fully recovered.

To top it off here are a hundred studies about cannabis curing cancer, courtesy of Natural Blaze:

Cannabis kills tumor cells

Uterine, testicular, and pancreatic cancers

Brain cancer

Mouth and throat cancer

Breast cancer

Lung cancer

Prostate cancer

Blood cancer

Skin cancer

Liver cancer

Cannabis cancer cures (general)

Cancers of the head and neck

Cholangiocarcinoma cancer


Cannabis partially/fully induced cancer cell death

Translocation-positive rhabdomyosarcoma


Cannabis kills cancer cells


Thyroid carcinoma

Colon cancer

Intestinal inflammation and cancer

Cannabinoids in health and disease

Cannabis inhibits cancer cell invasion


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