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Appeal of Russian nationalists to European white nationalist and conservative organizations.

Dear colleagues! The future of European nations and European civilization depends from you. The problems that we face are similar: the hordes of immigrants from Third World countries, displacing indigenous people, Islamization, degradation, the retention of power left (cultural Marxists, internationalists, neoBolsheviks, and so on.) This situation does not allow health national forces to take adequate measures against these problems. Propaganda of nationalism and racial identity is banned in most European countries.

However, every European nation has a unique situation due to various domestic factors. Sometimes, when it has viewed from aside it is difficult to see the real content of events in the other country.

We have learned that the hostile forces to the Russian people spend a great job of disinformation European nationalists, regarding the situation in Russia, for you to lobby for their interests. This situation is not acceptable, and today we want to convey to every European nationalist that Putin and his government – they are enemies of the Russian people, Putin &Co are robing and destroying Russia, by set up “iron hand” regime from one side and militant internationalism of neo-Bolshevism from the other side.

In the beginning with we would like to remind you that it was one of the initiatives of the Russian Federation in November 2014 by which the Committee of UN General Assembly adopted a resolution requesting from countries to take more effective measures to combat nationalism and other forms of expression of national and racial identity of white people. Hence Putin is the initiator of the next wave of persecution of white nationalists throughout the world. Russian Foreign Ministry regularly sends notes of protest to various European countries in connection with mass nationalist activities, actually requiring the introduction of discrimination on the basis of ideological and deprivation of our associates right to freedom of assembly.

"We need to secure the entire Russian youth from the virus of nationalism" - Vladimir Putin.

The war against the white people in the East of Ukraine. War with Ukraine is presented as an act of patriotism, aimed at uniting the Russian nation. In fact, all is just the opposite. Crimea - subsidized region, who lived at the expense of tourism. After the annexation of the tourist business in the Crimea, you can put a cross (only this year Crimea has lost 80 billion rubles, more than half of revenues from tourist industry).

Crimea is isolated from the outside world for the Russians themselves go to the Crimea for a long time (you need to stand in long hours in the car on the ferry line) and expensive - cheaper to rest in Egypt or Turkey, or in Sochi (for the Patriots). In the Russian Federation there is no money to invest in job creation in Crimea - so the Russian youth will gradually emigrate abroad from the peninsula in search of a job, find a job in Russia after massive layoffs caused by falling oil prices and the effects of sanctions - it will be impossible. Thanks to Putin Crimea will become extinct permanent disaster area, not to mention the fact that with the annexation of the Crimea Russian actually lost their civil and political rights, as they are deprived of most of the inhabitants of the Russian Federation. More than 1.5 million Russian and Ukrainians were forced to leave the territory of Donbass due to military action, inspired by the Russian Federation. Affected about 2 million white children (UNICEF data), 65 children were killed and 127 were wounded. The region is on the brink of a humanitarian catastrophe.

Self-proclaimed republic LNR and DNR - a criminal terrorist enclaves that exist at the expense of Russian taxpayers' money, sharing the ideology of Bolshevism and internationalism, dreaming about the reconstruction of the USSR.We again ask everyone who reads this appeal - not to support anti-Russian regime of Vladimir Putin, the maximum distance of all the pro-Putin structures, trying to take advantage of you in their own interests. We urge you to exercise racial solidarity and respect for the national liberation struggle of our people.

Putin's propagandists often use tolerance toward homosexuals in several European countries to demonstrate the "lack of spirituality of the Western World." However, tolerance for homosexuals in Russia exceeds all bounds of common sense.

Homosexual rape is widespread in the army, in prison, in children's homes, in everyday life. Cases to attract violators to justice are rare, statistics is not known that people are victims of sexual violence by aggressive homosexuals are marginalized for their further life, if this becomes known. Russian human rights activist and nationalist Maxim Martsinkevich was engaged in the identification of pedophiles among homosexuals, and accidentally exposed several high-ranking officials - and then immediately was sentenced to 5 years, the formal reason for condemnation was the reviews on the popular movies posted on the personal page of Maxim in the social network, allegedly with nationalistic propaganda. Founded antipedofilia movement "Occupy - Pedophiles" - completely destroyed by police authorities.

Vladimir Putin's regime physically destroys the Russian people. During the years of Putin's governing (15 years) in the Russian Federation received trillions of dollars of revenue from resources. Commodity prices have broken all historical records. The country is washing in cash, but there is no impact on the lives of ordinary Russian people. In fact, 90% of this money was stolen by friends of Putin. Nothing has been done to improve or at least maintain the quality of life of the local population. In opposite it was development of such processes as: closing of hospitals, reducing movement of cheap trains, inflation, virtually uncontrolled influx of migrants, ethnical criminal, ethnic conflict, poverty (according to the most conservative estimates 16 million people are poor), ruin, terrible conditions for small and medium-sized businesses, coming to a complete decay of infrastructure, industry and agriculture. As a result, the death rate in Russia surpasses by world standards.

Russian mortality of men of working age is 10 times higher than in developed countries and 5 times higher in comparison with developing countries. Approximately 80% of the villagers do not live to retirement age, because sometimes they need to go 50-100 kilometers in order to reach the nearest hospital to them.

If the Russian state could do a bit to fulfill its obligations to the citizens in the last 15 years, the death rate could be closer to that of Poland and Estonia. In this case, according to the calculations of experts now it would be alive at least 4,791,886 people who died during the years of Putin's rule. After all, even now people die 3 times less in Honduras than in the Russian Federation. Naturally low birth rate in socially disadvantaged circumstances is not able to somehow compensate for the over-mortality. As a result, Russian are in extinction.

Reduction in mortality in the country - it's hard work for all authorities, but Kremlin is not ready to do so instead of this it was adopted so-called "concept of replacement migration", according to which the Russian extinct should be replaced by migrants, especially Asians and Caucasians.

In Russia, according to various official and likely understated estimated 13-17 million migrants. Most of them are men of reproductive age. And there are 111 016 896 russian people in Russia. If we except pensioners, children and invalids, we can see, that there are 56 million Russians or nearly 29 million Russian men on 17 million immigrants.

Thus, the number of migrants, most of whom - adult healthy men, and the number of men belonging to indigenous minorities (according to rough estimates - about 6.5 million) - in the coming years, will soon be equal to the number of Russian men.

With the new Law on Citizenship, which is adopted by Putin's government, almost any Russian speaking person (not native Russian, but the one, who more or less familiar with the Russian language) can obtain Russian citizenship by a simplified procedure. Another law passed by the Putin government, the so-called “TAD legislature” (the Territory оf Advanced Development), gives opportunity for migrants to move into the territory of the Russian Far East practically in unlimited numbers.

After only one generation, without urgent action, Russia will cease to be Russian land.

They try to deceive us, saying that the extinction of Russian is something irreversible, cultural degradation caused by people who are more on what does not fit and must be replaced with another nations, but it is not.

Demographics in the Russian Federation are entirely political, rather than ideological or moral and spiritual area. Reasonable program for improving fertility could be simple and clear: cheap accommodation + adequately paid job + + quality medicine available to pre-school.

Thus, according to research by sociologists, 80% of women and 87% of men could get one additional child (if it does not, and if it is - that more than one), if they had the money to provide it with all necessary.

It is no exaggeration to say that Russians in Russia are actually deprived of civil rights and liberties. Independent media are almost completely banned, Internet sites with Information which irritates the Government are blocked on wide scale, and repressive legislature allows to imprison any citizen who dared to criticize the regime. Some of persons who was convicted by political articles deprived of certain rights of a lifetime - a ban to stand for election, the ban on political organizations consciousness, a ban on a number of professions. If such a person will be included in the list Rosfinmonitoring - he had never able to find a normal job, as all of its financial accounts will be blocked.

Opposition organizations are prohibited, free registration of parties is impossible, elections are rigged, local elections partially abolished (mayoral elections abolished in 66 regions, regardless of the fact that 77% citizens were opposed to this (opinion poll conducted by “Levada-Centre”) and opposition, including nationalists, actually are deprived of the opportunity to participate in the electoral process.

For participation in non-authorized protest actions you may get penalty up to 10 years in prison. Even on authorized actions, any participant can be arrested and fined or sent into custody for several days without any base (as a formal occasion used falsified reports on administrative violations - which actually was not). Only in 2013 year 2532 civilian protesters have been subjected to administrative detention in Russia during a political protests.

The regime of V. Putin sends to prison all dissenters. More than 90% of convicted on political charges were Russian nationalists. For 2013, our experts have estimated that the number of nationalists faced with political repression in the form of criminal cases exceeded 2,000 people, among them - the initiator of the campaign for the resignation of Putin, one of the leaders of the Association of Russian - Alexander Belov. According to official statistics for the year 2014, the so-called "anti-extremist", but in fact political articles were brought around 600 new criminal cases.

Every year the situation with the rights of citizens, and especially Russian, is getting worse and worse. Russian Federation ranked second place after Syria in the number of refugees seeking asylum in developed countries, 34% of Russian citizens are afraid of retaliation for criticism of Putin's regime (data of sociologists, "Levada-Center").

Putin is well aware that he illegally robed of Russian citizens, why is he afraid of opposition. While the structure of the suppression of dissatisfied (intelligence agencies, the political police), still working, he is trying to sell off what little remained. After all, at the end of the reign of Putin's team, even the company "Rosneft" is on the verge of bankruptcy, debts are almost equal capitalization and total liabilities far exceed her. "Rosneft" took a loan from China to 70 billion.

Dollars are against future deliveries-slogan of this deal. In addition, as stated by Deputy Prime Minister Dvorkovich, the Russian Federation is ready to sell to China more than 50% stake in oil and gas fields. To believe in the myth that under Putin, Russia has risen from its knees can only people not interested in what is happening in our country.

We would like to dispel the lies of the Russian Federation as a country of the winning conservative values. According to Deputy Interior Minister Igor Zubov - in Russia more than a million people are involved in prostitution, of which at least 130,000 are minors (2013). Annually from alcoholism in Russia kills 1.5 million people (World Health Organization). Daily detected 200 cases of HIV infection by the end of 2015, the number of diagnosed cases can reach one million people. 8 million. People use drugs. RF ranked first among teenage suicides in the world, the death rate among teenagers in Russia is three times higher than in European countries. For 2014 closed 185 branches and universities. Laid off more than 8,000 physicians (in this case, that 45% of the population has chronic diseases, according to the Ministry of Health). Health expenditure in 2015 will be reduced by 20% (Ministry of Finance).

Long live the impending release of a White Europe! 14 words!
Political Council of the ethno-political Association "Russkie"

WWW.RUSNAT.COM, russkie.kd@gmail.com

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